Imran Khan’s Failed Career Led To His Separation With Wife Avantika Malik? Details Inside

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik ended their 8 years of marriage due to irreconcilable differences. For those who don’t know Imran and Avantika’s love story made people believe in happily ever afters. The couple tied the knot after enjoying a few years of courtship on January 10, 2011. Three years post his marriage on June 9, 2014, Imran and Avantika were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Imara Khan. While all had been going well between this couple, a report came by and broke our hearts. Imran and Avantika whom we have always adored have parted ways. Since then the couple has dodged media and kept mum about the real reason behind their split. Ever since people are anticipating probable reasons behind their breakup. What happened between the couple who were so in love that they had to break up?  But guys hold your horses the real reason behind their separation has been finally revealed.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, a source extremely close to the couple has revealed shocking details behind their breakup. The source told Pinkvilla, “Imran has not faced much luck as an actor. After Katti Batti failed, offers started drying up and soon enough, he was left with no work. It’s been four years that the actor is at home, doing absolutely nothing. He wanted to turn a director but that also has not taken shape the way he envisioned. He just did a small short with Dharma 2.0 and that’s it.”

He further went on to reveal that it was the frustration that creeped in, “He became really irritable and would react at the littlest of things. All their savings were getting used up and Avantika had to finally rely on her side of the family to support them. There were regular arguments between him and Avantika and their house became a debating platform each day. Avantika couldn’t take it anymore and realised that all these regular tiffs and fights were affecting their child Imaara. She called her family and told them everything. They tried various ways to reconcile but to no avail. Both Imran and Avantika were fuming and they decided to take some time off their marriage and she moved out with the kid.” The couple hasn’t filed for the divorce but is living separately.

In a throwback interview, Avantika was all praises for her hubby. She was quoted as saying, “He’s fantastic. He’s the best person to live with because he is able to be with you and be supportive, and also gives you tremendous space. He really looks after me, I have to give him that. I am an ordinary girl in love with a boy who happens to be a movie star. I just feel like I fell in love with this boy 10 years ago, he was a 19-20 then, and though he’s grown tremendously in many ways, his core being is still the same. I give Imran a lot of credit because he hasn’t changed in any way. Except that he’s more confident as he knows what he’s achieved.”

In another interview, Imran had revealed how Avantika makes him really angry. He had stated, “It makes me angrier than any other human being. We fight a lot, but that’s how relationships are meant to be. They’re never perfect but you still stay put if they nourish you in some way and if you are getting something valuable from them.” He had further added, “Different people have different ways to make a relationship work. Find out what works for you and your partner.”

We hope that it’s a lover’s tiff and Imran and Avantika reunite soon.