Inside Pics: Mohena Kumari Celebrating First Diwali Post Marriage In Rajput Style

Mohena Kumari Singh has got everyone going gaga with her royal wedding. She married Suyesh Rawat on 14th October and had one of the most exquisite weddings of them all. The wedding was a complete royal affair and as a bride, Mohena wore a truly traditional Rajputana poshak.

She looked splendid on the day and everyone has been super excited to see her post-wedding look. And as the entire nation celebrated Diwali last Sunday, Mohena also had the pleasure to celebrate this biggest festival with her in-laws.

On October 28, 2019, Mohena took to her Instagram handle and shared how she celebrated her first Diwali with her husband, Suyesh and her in-laws. She posted a series of pictures, and wrote, “First Diwali together. To new beginnings!” In the pictures, Mohena looked stunning donning orange and blue ensemble with borla mathapatti. Take a look at her first Diwali celebrations below:

She had said, “I am never gonna miss dancing as I am not going to leave dancing. Everyone is asking me how are you leaving everything and going. Let me tell you people mistake experiences to be things. Experiences are those things that you cherish for life and you take with you wherever you go. So my dancing, acting and everything are experiences that are packed in a bundle within myself. I am going to take it with myself wherever I go.

I am not going to miss acting and dancing as I am not going to leave it. I will always be in touch with Arts and Culture in whatever way I can. I will take it forward and you will see me for sure. I don’t know whereas that is the mystery I like life like that. I like to live a life where I keep surprising myself, my family. That’s is why it is not difficult for me to bring changes in my life, I enjoy changes. I follow Gautam Buddha’s principle of keeping emotions balanced. I am going to take my dance and arts everywhere I go.”