Kanika Kapoor Gets Discharged From Hospital After 6th COVID-19 Test Results Negative

Playback singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive for coronavirus which created a huge controversy in the country. The singer was held responsible for ignoring the coronavirus advisory, fleeing from the security check and much more. The nation was shocked that despite having coronavirus symptoms the singer chose not to be in self isolation and going on partying and meeting people.

After being tested positive for coronavirus the baby doll singer was undergoing treatment in Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute For Medical Sciences, Lucknow. The singer was also accused of throwing starry tantrums and not cooperating with the doctors during her stay in the hospital. And now all this comes to an end as the singer has finally tested negative for coronavirus in sixth attempt. She has been discharged from the hospital and can now lead a normal life while staying in self-isolation.

Earlier in an interview with TOI, Kanika spoke against the hospital staff and doctors for not treating her the right way. The singer also accused the staff of not cleaning her room and that it was dirty and full of mosquitoes.

Kanika spoke to TOI and said, “I’ve been here since 11 am and all I’ve been given is a small bottle of water to drink. I’ve been asking these people to give me something to eat but I’ve only been given two small bananas and an orange that had flies on it”.

“I am so hungry, I haven’t even taken the medicine that I was supposed to till now. I have a fever, I’ve informed them, but no one has attended to me. The food I brought with me has been taken away. I can’t even eat anything that’s given to me as I am allergic to some foods. I am hungry, thirsty and I feel miserable here,” she said

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