Mohena Kumari Singh And Suyash Rawat Looks Like A Power Couple On Their Sangeet Ceremony; Pictures Inside

Who wouldn’t want to have a life filled with all the royalties and riches of the world? Living in a palace and having people follow your every command is something all of us would dream of. And one of our very own TV actresses is living this fairytale-like life in real. She is none other than the bride to be, Mohena Kumari of the hit Star TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Yes, this choreographer turned dancer turned actress is actually a real-life princess who belongs to a royal family of nawabs. Mohena Kumari Singh is the princess of Rewa. Mohena revealed the same on a dance reality show, Dance India Dance and had shared that her grandmother, Maharani Praveen Kumari, princess of Kutch, inspired her to take up dancing. The actress exchanged rings with her boyfriend Suyash Rawat in Goa and the engagement pics have already gone viral. Now, it is her Sangeet ceremony and we cannot stop looking at the couple as they look so adorably cute with each other. Have a look at their sangeet pictures:

Talking about life as a princess and taking up dancing and acting as a career, Mohena hand once said in an earlier interview, “The time has come for the royal families to stop imposing age-old rules and to change their outlook. I am aware of the strong opposition that will come from some royals, but, I want to follow my dreams and passion. I would want people to know me as an accomplished dancer rather than a princess. This is the first time anyone from a royal family has appeared in a reality show. I knew it from the day I auditioned for this show, that it would not be easy for my family to accept my decision. My father Maharaj Pushparaj Singh approved of me learning to dance as he thought it was just a hobby but he had warned me that I must stop it someday.”

She also talked about the restrictions and disciplinary rules she had to follow being a part of a royal family. She was quoted saying, “There are a lot of responsibilities on my head coming from the family that I belong to. So what I do is I take my passion and a little bit of my sensibility knowing what the rules and regulations are at my place and put them together. Discipline is one big thing we follow in our family and I do not let go of it at all. I bring out a pretty good balance of it. Till date, I haven’t gone overboard with anything, be it passion or restrictions. I make sure that things are balanced. To do this, I think you need to know where do you belong to, you have to know what your roots are. I know my roots and so keeping in mind my love for passion as well, I feel I balance it out. Also while doing this, I do lose out on a lot of things but it’s OK as it is one life and you can’t have everything.”

She even has restrictions on what she has to wear. She continued to speak about life with a royal dress code and said,  “I have been reminded by my family that certain clothes can be avoided. But I have always taken it in the right spirit. I have parents and guardians who tell me that certain clothes aren’t right and can be avoided sometimes. But they just suggest, they have never sat me down and enforced their opinions on me. When they give their opinions, I go in front of the mirror and take a look a myself deeply. If I feel that yes, they are right, I stick by their opinion and if I feel that I am fine and dressed properly, then I go ahead with what I want.”