Neha Dhupia Opens Up On Being Trolled For Post Pregnancy Weight Gain And Not Getting Work

Famous for her bold and extremely candid honest interviews, Neha Dhupia is one of the most loved and looked-upon actresses in the industry. The way she carries herself, her choice of films and blunt interviews Neha is a total fire bombshell. Undoubtedly B-town diva Neha Dhupia is trolls’ favourite child. From commenting on her career to her post-pregnancy weight gain, netizens tend to troll her savagely for almost everything. But no matter what the trolls say, Neha always manages to shut the trolls with her powerful words.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla Neha Dhupia had opened up about being fat-shamed and had stated, “I did not have insecurity when I was pregnant. I started facing body image issue was after I gave birth. I am not saying that people need to lose weight, being perfect is everyone’s own version. But what happens mentally is that everything acts up together. I remember I was trolled very badly where a female journalist wrote something on my weight, and I wrote back. It is not fair to trouble a new mum over her body weight.”

In the same interview, she also spoke about not getting any work post-pregnancy. She was quoted as saying, “Firstly, I believe that you cannot wait for work to come to you. We all have our platforms today and we all have shops. Secondly, when you become a mum, yes, there is a perception. The last thing I did before pregnancy was Tumhari Sulu, for which I won an award. But despite that, I did not get any offers as far as movies are concerned, post-pregnancy. I did not get any offers after I gave birth either. Now, I am in talks for a web show, so let’s see about that.”

Earlier in August 2019, Neha Dhupia was fat-shamed by an online magazine and she had decided to not let them go so easily. She had posted a picture of herself with the screenshot of the magazine with a befitting caption. Her caption could be read as, “I don’t owe anyone an explanation because fat-shaming like this doesn’t bother me one bit. But I do want to address this as a larger problem because fat-shaming needs to stop for EVERYONE not just celebs. As a new mom I want to be fit, healthy and energetic for my daughter. So, I work out every day, sometimes twice a day because for me…’Fitness’ is a priority and not ‘fitting into’ society’s standards regarding looks. And I hope in the future people are kinder to each other while making such vapid and vile comments. To quote @pattonoswalt … “Be Kind. It’s chaos out there.”

In a throwback interview with Filmfare Neha had opened up about being fat-shamed and said, “People need to understand that the new F-word is not f**k, its fat. People who troll, aren’t the right body size either. Women kill themselves trying to look a certain way. They don’t have a life left. Internationally, you have women showing off their tyres, their curves, and their cellulite, there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve been a victim of body shaming. I remember wearing this lehenga choli as a showstopper. I believed I was looking damn good. No one deserves to wake up to such stuff. No one has the right to decide what looking great is, what normal is. My advice to people who body shame is #GoF**kYourself. I’m speaking for a section of women who’re fit, who live their lives and who eat well.”

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Neha’s hubby also had come in support of his wife and had stated, “We all know the process… a woman who is expecting goes through a lot of bodily changes. In fact, during the postpartum period, many mothers don’t feel attached to her newborn. So, during such times they are quite sensitive and require special care. Still, there are people who don’t think twice before making hurtful comments about how a mother looks. I fail to understand what satisfaction they get out of body shaming others.”

He had further added, “But it takes time [to get back in shape]. She can’t compromise on her health more so when she is also breastfeeding… Those who fat-shame I want to tell them being happy has nothing to do with bodyweight but how one leads his or her life. Neha is a strong woman; she has got back to work and is also taking care of her child. Women like her should be celebrated.”

Neha, you are an inspiration to all the ladies out there who are cautious about their weight. More power to you girl!