‘Not Worthy Of What I Am Getting’: Balika Vadhu Star Avika Gor Recalls Lowest Point In Her Life!

Actress Avika Gor has had a good transition from television to films. She has been a part of many Telugu projects. She was supposed to make her Hindi film debut with Vikram Bhatt’s film, 1920 – Horrors Of The Heart. But her other project which is a social satire titled Kahani Rubberband Kithat eventually created her entry into Bollywood. She has no qualms about it.

Gor recalled that things weren’t hunky dory. There were quite a few ups and downs not only on the professional but on the personal front too. She admitted there was a time when she felt disappointed in herself because she wasn’t getting the right kind of work. She added, “But because the hard work and effort I was putting in, was not showing.”

She said, “Mostly, it [feeling low] was about the way I looked… basically, the way I looked at myself. I used to get thoughts like, ‘I am not worthy of what I am getting’. Any which way, I was doing good work. But I felt that this is not it. I wanted to do more for myself.”

The actor said that instead of getting carried away, she chose to do something about the issue that bothered her. She added, “I worked on it and now when I look back, I feel that if I can overcome that, I can do anything in life.”

She further added, “When I was at my lowest, I gave myself a fixed amount of time to cry or sulk over a problem, and when that time was over, I used to convince myself not to think about it. And gradually, I stopped thinking about the problems altogether.”

The actor said that she does not have time for negative thoughts. She has overcome the lowest points in her life. She concluded, “I believe the more you think about it, the more you feel the negativity within you about a certain thing. So it’s better to focus on the positives.”

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