Pakistani Show ‘Sadqay Tumhare’ Writer Is Upset For Casting Actress Mahira Khan; Said, “I Made A Mistake”

Mahira Khan’s popular TV show Sadke Tumhare has finished 8 years. At this event, the whole cast and group of the film are celebrating with Mahira. This 8-year-old show was made by director Mohammad Ehteshamuddin. The story of the show depended on the genuine romantic tale of writer Khaleel ur Rehman Qamar. Presently on the anniversary of his show, Khaleel has said something stunning.

Mahira shared the post

Mahira Khan played the personality of a young lady named Shanno in the TV show Sadke Tumhare. On the anniversary of the show, she shared two video clips of the show on Instagram. Sharing these clips, she expressed, “Aaj Sadke yaad aaya. I have heard that now Sadke Aapse has finally come on YouTube.

Khaleel has a protest with Mahira

Simultaneously, Khaleel shared the screenshot of Mahira Khan’s post on Twitter. He composed this, “I will constantly curse myself for giving this lady such a sacred role in Sadke Tumhare.” Describing his anger for Mahira, Khaleel shared an old tweet. In March 2020, Mahira made a tweet for Khaleel.

Khaleel was blamed for abusing National human rights activist Marvi Sarmad’ on public TV. As Mahira had tweeted, “I’m in shock after what I have quite recently heard and seen. My brain is ruined inside. The one who abused a lady on TV is being given a large number of undertakings, why? We are responsible for advancing this reasoning.

Sharing this tweet of Mahira Khan, Khaleel ur Rehman Qamar stated, “This is the tweet of this lady which she did the day after the occurrence with Marvi Sarmad. I used to see the value in it a ton, yet this language and affordability of it won’t fail to remember me till my passing.

The television program was hit

Discussing the show Sadke Tumhare, this story depended on the existence of Khaleel ur Rehman Qamar. Khaleel himself composed the narrative of the show. It highlighted the romantic tale of Shanno and Khaleel, who have been friends since childhood. However, their family’s previous matters come in between their relationship and marriage. This show was popular. Mahira got the Lux Style Award for Best Actress for this. Simultaneously, Khaleel likewise won the Best Writer Award.

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