Priyanka Chopra Reveals What She Had Received As A Gift From The Ambanis On Her Wedding With Nick Jonas

It is rightly said that true love is hard to find. But once you’ve met him or her, your life is no less than a fairytale and the celebrities who are living this fairytale fantasy life are Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the couple who rules the hearts worldwide. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas have cultural and a huge age difference, still, the two decided to be together and enjoy every moment of their life with each other by their side. What really defines Nick and Priyanka’s relationship is that despite coming from completely different backgrounds, there is a copious amount of respect and acceptance from both sides, leaving so many fans inspired the world over.

The actress is currently busy promoting her upcoming film “The Sky Is Pink”. She recently appeared on the popular comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. And Kapil who is known for asking extremely witty questions didn’t spare her too. The host asked her about what she had received from the Ambanis on her wedding with Nick Jonas.  To which Priyanka had replied, “I only had around 180 guests at my wedding. Not many people were there. 120 of them were family members. I didn’t even get half of the envelopes. I received plenty of blessings and that’s what I needed the most.” To this Kapil added, “I thought since they are super-rich, they might have their personal notes of Rs 25,000 or so and don’t carry Rs 2,000 notes.”

A few months back Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Parineeti Chopra had revealed that her jiju Nick Jonas had given her some expensive gifts during the Joota Chupai rasam. She was quoted as saying, “I got a lot of money, I got dollars and rupees, in lakhs and we also got diamond rings. We also got bags, we got a lot of stuff. He was very generous.”

She had further added, “He was actually more prepared than all of us. So I thought I was the smart one and I was going to go and do this ‘rasam’ (ceremony) and take only cash from him. They were more than ready because when the time came, he literally just signalled to someone and all of us cousins looked at the back, and there was this guy with a giant tray full of diamond rings and all of us got diamond rings and the bridesmaids got a lot of gifts. So I am proud to show off that Nick jiju is very generous.”

Parineeti had also revealed that Priyanka didn’t have any bridezilla moment during her weeding. She had shared, “We honestly thought of it before the wedding happened but actually not at all. She (Priyanka) was just so happy and in fact, she was so excited like she was that bride who, when the baraat came she wanted to get ready early so that she can run and see the baraat in a filmy style. She was really happy. So no, bridezilla moment, not at all.”

On the same show the host reminded her that the two got married to their respective partners on December 2018. Talking about the same, Kapil asked Priyanka if Nick touches her mother’s (Madhu Chopra) feet whenever he greets her or just gave her air-kisses. To which Priyanka had replied, “Dono ke beech mei! Bechara hug karta hai mummy ko!”. Aww, that’ really adorable. Isn’t it?.

Blessings are the most important and expensive gift anyone can ask for. What do you guys think?



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