Signs that the Girl Loves You; Every Men Should Know

By Shree Prakash

Girls too love boys but they may not express it like boys do or they might not accept it openly. But there are some behaviours of girls that may be signal of her love for you.

Read her eye-language: Many a times eyes can communicate better than verbal communications. Eyes are said to be mirrors of the soul. This is usually easy to read, but sometimes you may happen to misread it. The girl’s pupils will dilate when she is looking at you. So look and gaze into her eyes and you will feel it.

Likes to be close to you: If she finds you present on any occasion or event, she may find an opportunity to be near you. Then she will touch your body gently while talking or laughing as if it happened accidentally.

Body language: Body language is also a good mean of communi­cation. In any social meeting or event, she may like to face you most of the time. Feet, torso or body in general pointing at you is a signal she likes you.

She will talk about you: Even when you are not present there, she will talk about you with her friends. You are in her mind or dreams, so she will talk about you.

Laughing at your ordinary jokes: Even if your jokes are not great, yet she is enjoying them, laughing and praising them, it is an indication she likes you.

Will ask to teach: She might be your schoolmate, may be a classmate or a year junior to you. She will like to ask you to teach her. This may be an excuse to be in your proximity.

Tries to contact you: She will find excuses to frequently connect with you on the phone, emails or social media. There may not be any reason or purpose behind contacting you, still she enjoys it.

Sometimes gives personal Information: Even if not necessary she might give you more personal information particularly about her whereabouts on a day or at some particular time. It means she expects you to be present there. This is another way to get closer to you.

Follows you: Sometimes she might follow you when going to college or office or club. She will park her scooty or bicycle near your bike or car. She will like all or most of your posts and photos on social medi

Takes your side: Even if you are not fair enough, she will stand by your side unexpectedly.

Introduces you: She will introduce you to her friends and close relatives.

Talks louder with you: Instead of her natural tone, she may talk with you louder as compared to talking with others.

She remains seated with you: In any party or get together, her other friends might be enjoying themselves somewhere else like the bar or dancing on the floor but she prefers to remain with you.

Some conflicting signals: There are some signals which might indicate her liking for you, though they might be otherwise also – such as touching hair quite often or doing her lipstick or she might try halfheartedly to avoid you due to shyness or nervousness.

Let us live together in the name of love than war!

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