The Real Reason Why Selena Gomez Is Quitting Music

Yashshree Kasare

Today we are going to talk about the lovely Selena Gomez, who is an American pop star, producer, and actress, born and raised in Texas. She is an impeccable singer with some great hits like Same Old Love, Wolves, Good For You, Come and Get It, My Heart Wants What It Wants, and Fetish. She has been part of the music industry for more than a decade.

She has an impressive history with the Billboard Hot 100. As of March 2021, she had over five billion U.S. song streams and had additionally accumulated 6.7 million certified units within the UK.

Selena Gomez is known as the sweetheart of the music industry and has blessed us with some truly awesome music that is loved by her fans all around the world. She is everyone’s childhood crush and all of us have grown up listening to her music over the years.

Her most recent work includes Rare, which is her third solo album and was released on January 10, 2020, by Interscope Records. Selena Gomez has an estimated net worth of around $75 million. Her accomplishments in the music industry have made her filthy rich.

She started as a child artist in the children’s television series, “Barney and Friends” from 2002-2004. 

Three years after she wrapped her run on the show, she secured the role of Alex Russo on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena’s life completely changed after this and made her a household name and her name distributed through TV, music, movies, merchandise, live appearances, and top promotions, were all part of her life.

This made her an inspiration for teenagers and children started looking up to her as an icon. She was only 15 when the paparazzi started showing up on set. Gomez had to maintain an image and the tabloid media started to treat her as an object of interest. 

She started her singing career with Disney soundtrack songs in 2008. She and her then-known band debuted their studio album “Kiss & Tell” in 2009. Selena’s music career has made her an accomplished singer which took her on several tours, as a solo artist and also with her band. Selena went off to 2 tours as a solo musician, namely the “Stars Dance Tour” and the “Revival Tour.” 

The “Stars Dance Tour” made a huge $20.3 million at the box office and the “Revival Tour” made  $35.6 million. Selena is also the executive producer of the popular Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. She’s even sung a few songs for the series’s soundtracks, which made her big money through Netflix.

She also happens to be best friends with none other than Taylor Swift, who started as a teenage pop star and now is equally famous as Selena Gomez. Their friendship is an inspiration to all their fans out there, as they have been through thick and thin over the years.

Also, how can we forget her relationship with the teenage heartthrob Justin Beiber? They didn’t end up with each other, but their dear fans always wanted them together. Justin will always have a special place in his heart for Selena.

But now the question is that, after so much success in the music industry, why is Selena Gomez quitting music? 

For her age, Selena Gomez has been through tons of ups and downs throughout her career and it looks like she’s exhausted with having to prove herself to everyone all the time. It’s a tragic day for Selenators–Selena Gomez simply hinted that she may be retiring from her music career.

She did give a hint that she is considering quitting music and wants to give her career a new path, a new sense of direction, although her fans keep encouraging her that she should continue making music.

Despite her worldwide popularity and fanbase that worships her, Selena has struggled to get recognition from music critics. She was criticized saying that she didn’t have any vocal chops, and this, unfortunately, became a common theme, whenever they discussed Selena’s music

They thought that she has mediocre vocal abilities and her haters thought that she only became popular because of her Disney fandom and turbulent personal life. 

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