Time Management: How To Find The Time When You Are A Student?

Students often have to work while studying to ensure a comfortable life. In this rhythm of study and work, with a constant load, students constantly complain about the lack of time. With such a download, it is essential to use all possible ways to facilitate learning: notes, additional resources, writing services, such as EssayAssistant, time management tools. 

We’ve put together 9 ideas that can help you make the time to reach your personal goals.

So, what is time management, and why is it necessary?

Just think about it – all of us have the same 24 hours. The question is how effectively each of us uses time to achieve goals. This is time management. 

Please note, that free time is a flexible notion. How we spend it depends only on us. It is important to understand that the presence of time is not an accidental coincidence, but the result of our choice. At first, it seems too difficult for those who have never considered the value of each minute before. 

  • Goal-setting

First of all, you must understand why you need free time. As soon as you identify with your goals, it will be easier to find time for them.

The more often you think about your goals, the more time you have for their implementation. So do not hesitate to dream and talk about your intentions!

It is better to use SMART goal setting for everything: your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and limited in time.

  • Planning

Want to tell the whole world about your goal, nothing will happen unless you begin to flounder in the direction of their implementation. That’s why planning is the key step on the way to your dreams.

When you set the SMART goal, you define a general time frame, but when you plan in more detail, you direct each phase of your time to the priority tasks. This will add value to each second.

  • Filtration and Concentration.

This may sound silly, but you will never be able to do everything you can, so it is important to divide your time exclusively to one goal. It is actually more effective than spending twice as much time doing two things at once. Dividing your attention into several tasks helps to concentrate your attention, and therefore help you to be more productive.

Time planning of productivity is a prerequisite for successful time management. If you work at home, time management software or apps will help you control your workflow.

  • Good habits

Effective time management rests on the good habit of doing everything on time. Don’t despair if you don’t have this skill, you can acquire it. Continue the habit for 21 days, and you will be doing it automatically by the end of this period. Try it!

  • “Eat a frog for a snack.”

Of course, you don’t have to eat any frog – it’s all an allegory. In a figurative sense, frogs are the most important (and hard) things to do. Do them first – and you will feel better. All the most important things are already done!

  • Learn to say “I don’t”.

In the school we learned a lot of subjects, but we were not taught the main thing – how to correctly say “NO”. Learn to say “No” to those who take your time in a bad way. Ask for help, if your help is not corrupt and you really don’t want to do it. Save your time for good causes.

  • Control the time of use of social networks

Excessive use of social media leads to a catastrophic lack of time. Use social media wisely! Do not check personal messages more frequently than three times a day, for example. Set a daily time limit for using social media.

  • Use time-management tools.

Time management tools can keep track of all your deadlines, appointments, and birthdays. Use Todoist, Wunderlist and Google calendar for personal planning and Asana, Time Doctor or Basecamp for teamwork.

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