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Over the past year, the world has changed beyond recognition. Millions of people have started working from home and are in no rush to return to their offices. Or they come to the office 2-3 times a week to solve the most pressing matters, and then go back to work from home again. Communication is also increasingly moving online, and dating in the real world has become a rarity, because it’s much more convenient, simpler and even safer to meet new people on the Internet.

Of course, in the current environment, it is very important not to disrupt communication, both in work matters and in ordinary human relations. So we want to consider several popular online communication platforms, both for work matters and personal. Let’s start with video conferencing platforms.

Services for video conferencing

When the whole world went into quarantine, it became clear that this was serious and for a long time. The question arose about how to properly organize educational and work processes now. Fortunately, at that time there were already ready-made solutions, and soon there were even more of them. Among the most popular video conferencing platforms, let’s focus on a few.


Zoom is a convenient platform for video conferencing, webinars, video meetings or just face-to-face conversations. Basic functionality is available for free, but to get the most out of Zoom and remove restrictions on the duration of your conversation, you need to pay for a subscription.


Facetime is a service for communication and video conferencing from Apple corporation. It’s closely integrated with the company’s ecosystem and is preinstalled on all its devices — iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. So by buying Apple equipment, you immediately get a convenient tool for communication.

It was only in 2021 that Facetime got a web version with the ability to send a link to other users to connect, meaning the functions of the site are now open even for those who do not have Apple technology. This is a really important step, albeit a little belated. If we consider Zoom or Google Duo, such an opportunity has been around for a long time.

Google Duo

The Google Duo video calling platform was launched in 2016. But it became very much in demand during the coronavirus pandemic and mass quarantine. Google Duo allows up to 32 people to communicate in general video chat, and works on gadgets running iOS and Android. Or you can use the web version from any modern device.


Skype was one of the pioneers in video calling and video conferencing services. The platform has repeatedly experienced ups and downs, large-scale redesigns and functional updates, but it still remains behind many competitors who have rapidly eclipsed it.

At the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Teams service will replace Skype. This can be seen as a signal that the development of Skype in its standard form will eventually be discontinued.

RingCentral Meetings

A cross-platform video-calling solution that works on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. The service offers unlimited video calls, online meetings for up to 500 participants, convenient interaction tools during a conversation, tight integration with the Microsoft Outlook platform, and much more. Using RingCentral Meetings for webinars, you can gather up to 10,000 viewers.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi is a video conferencing service for up to 100 participants with unlimited free access. Jitsi Meet provides end-to-end encryption for greater privacy, and integrates with Google, Microsoft and Slack services. For an additional fee, you can expand functionality into recording video meetings, live streaming to YouTube, support for real-time subtitles (in English only), advanced meeting moderation, and synchronization with Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars.

Video chats for communicating with strangers

Anonymous video chat sites are an ideal choice for those who want to make new friends, expand their social circle, or even find a soulmate on the Internet. They are convenient and quite versatile platforms that are available to almost everyone.


The first anonymous video chat in history, which became the progenitor of all such sites. The site has only basic chat roulette functionality, there are no flexible search settings and so far no mobile applications. And yet, Omegle has a quite loyal and large audience. There are about 30,000 online users on the site at any time. This is significantly more than that of many competitors.


Chathub is a very simple video chat service that provides only a web version and basic search settings — by gender and location. Nevertheless, the site is quite popular due to its fast connection with chat partners, high quality video and sound even with a slow Internet connection and user-friendliness even through a mobile browser.

CooMeet chat

One of the best sites for men because it is a video chat with girls. This saves a lot of time, because other video chat sites often make mistakes in choosing a partner. In CooMeet, this is prevented because girls must confirm their identity when registering, and cam chat knows for sure that they are real.

CooMeet has convenient and usable mobile apps for iOS and Android, excellent video and sound quality, fast connection with new people and a really large audience. It’s guaranteed that you’ll not have a shortage of chat partners.


A pretty versatile chat roulette, in which you can search for chat partners by interests, visit themed chat rooms for multiple participants, communicate in a gay chat or a separate chat with girls. The basic functionality of ChatRandom is available for free, but you will have to pay for additional features. For example, you won’t be able to chat with girls in a separate chat without purchasing a premium account.


With its minimalism, OmeTV is a very interesting solution for communicating with strangers. Here you can immediately specify the country to search for chat partners and choose the language that suits you. If you decide to chat with foreign users, you can turn on the automatic message translation function, so you don’t have to use a third-party translator and waste valuable time.


At first glance, Bazoocam has a very outdated design and not the most user-friendly interface, but nevertheless, the site remains very popular. Here you can not only use the classic chat roulette functions, but also connect to video streams that are broadcast by other users. Or create your own stream and attract the attention of viewers. Just keep in mind that most of these streams are very explicit and are intended exclusively for an adult audience.

Find the perfect platform for you

We’ve looked at two categories of communication services — video conferencing platforms and anonymous video chat sites. The former are an indispensable tool for learning and solving work issues, while the latter are an excellent choice for expanding your circle of friends and finding new acquaintances.

The choice of a platform for communication depends only on your goals, preferences and wishes. And we’re sure that today the Internet can provide what’s right for everyone.

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