9 Tips To Have a Great Second Date

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9 Tips To Have a Great Second Date

Dating often proves to be a painstaking work. It leads people to mainly concentrate on the first date, as if they are not interested in the further development of a relationship. Of course your first date may be a success, but there is a great difference between the first and the second date. If you fail at your second date, you may ruin the good impression that you have left from the first date. Failing on the second date also puts your further romantic relationships to stake. In order to avoid making fatal mistakes, check out these nine tips for a second date.



  1. Don’t repeat your first date

The worst decision that you can make is try repeating your first date. Try viewing dates as a film franchise. Will the second instalment be successful if it will completely repeat the first one? The same set, the same plot, and the same characters… doesn’t seem it’s going to be successful. So, change the set, the plot, and changing the scale and, if useful, cross with another genre. If you want to the cafe or restaurant, go for a walk in the park this time. If you went to the cinema on the first date, try going to the theatre or gallery on the second. Whatever you do, stay away from ripping off your first date. 

  1. Go together

Mostly, if the first date is held in some venue, people meet directly at the venue. No need to do that on the second date. You can meet on neutral territory and take a slow walk to the venue. The most important thing is not to make your date-mate wait, so don’t be late.

  1. Make it physical

Well, not like that… and if you managed to do that on the first date, why on earth are you reading this article? Anyway, if your first date happened to lack kisses or touch of the hands, find the excuses to do it on the second date.

  1. Cinema, if you failed to do it on the first date

If you felt that there is a slightest risk of shortage of conversational topics, cinema is your perfect choice. Whenever you don’t know what to talk about, go watch a movie. It will provide with you with a lot of topics to discuss, from your attitude to the film to the subtexts that each of you have noticed in the movie.



  1. Make a gift

Although it’s not mandatory, and it’s not the golden rule of the second date. But it will definitely make your date-mate happy. If you know your date-mate tastes than you’ll have no problems in picking a gift. In case of you don’t know, better concentrate on something simple, but pleasant.

  1. Ask a lot of questions

You have discovered something about each other on the first date, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop on that. Ask your date-mate a lot of questions, this will display your interest, as well as help you to let you know your prospective partner better.

  1. Don’t rest

If your first date was successful it doesn’t mean that it’s time to rest. You should continue showing your good manners and good behaviour. 

  1. Don’t make decisions fast

Although second date is a good sing, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to delete your profile on a dating site. Sometimes you can tell from the first date that you are meant for each other, but generally it takes more than two dates to know for sure.

  1. Don’t be too sticky

Once again, don’t take second date as a sign of ultimate success. And no need to panic, as your date-mate may not enjoy you being too sticky.


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