Bigg Boss 13 Video: Asim, Rashami & Umar Try The Garmi Hook Step, Himanshi Cheers In Back

Asim Riaz, Rashami Desai, and Himanshi Khurana are certainly having the time of their lives now that they’re out of the confinements of Bigg Boss house. After four months, Asim and Rashami came out and Asim couldn’t help
but set a get together to meet his lady love Himanshi Khurana along with his best friend Rashami Desai. Now, Asim’s brother also joined the group and the four could be seen partying hard.

In a video shared by Himanshi Khurana on her Instagram, we could see Rashami Desai, Asim Riaz and Umar Riaz lying on the floor as they gear up to do the Garmi hook step and as soon as the music begins, the trio pulls it off hilariously. While Asim did it smoothly, Rashami couldn’t stop laughing and Umar, too, did it nicely. Himanshi Khurana, on the other hand, was standing on the bed and couldn’t control her laughter, as she cheered for the trio.