Checkout How Microwaved Food Is Harmful For Pregnant Women!

As soon as the presence of another soul is felt in the body, various restrictions come into life. There are several rules to follow. From eating to walking – be careful at every step. How fast and healthy the child’s development will be, depends entirely on the physical condition of the mother.

Doctors say to pay extra attention to food during pregnancy. They forbid eating oil-spicy, processed food, and soft drinks. Foods that can cause gas burn should be strictly avoided during this time. Cold drinks should not be consumed during pregnancy. Doctors say that the most harmful thing during pregnancy is to eat food made in the microwave or heated. It can disrupt the overall development of the unborn child.

Microwave radiation is odorless and invisible and therefore difficult to detect. Thus for those who work or live in areas designated for the use of radioactive materials, the biological risks of radiation should be understood…

Microwave electromagnetic waves enter the body of mother and child through food. Anything artificial affects this physical condition to some extent. Besides, heating food in this appliance may destroy the nutritional value of the food. As a result, the vitamin B12 content of the food is lost. This vitamin is very beneficial for the body.

Apart from that, heat does not reach all parts of the food evenly while heating the food. As a result, cold food is not completely free of bacteria. The habit of eating such foods for long periods of time during pregnancy can pose serious dangers. Doctors always advise eating hot and fresh food before becoming a mother. It is necessary to eat fresh food to get all the nutritional value of the food.



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