Hotel Staff Members Scares Kapil Sharma In Dubai Hotel, Check The Video Inside!!

Comedy king Kapil Sharma has become famous all over the world for his humorous comedy. While Kapil, along with his one liners, makes everyone laugh at the prank, now Kapil himself seems to be a victim of a prank. Kapil Sharma has shared a funny video of his Dubai trip on his social media. In this viral video, Kapil Sharma is seen with his friends in a Turkish restaurant in Dubai and the waiter of the restaurant appears in the video and does something that makes Kapil Sharma nervous. Kapil Sharma himself has shared this video of himself on his official social media. However, Kapil Sharma has done something that has been captured in the eyes of the fans.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is seen sitting in Dubai’s restaurant CZN Burak and various dishes are seen on the table being served in front of him. Kapil Sharma is waiting for the food items on the table and in the meantime the waiter reaches with a dish in his hand. As soon as he comes close to Kapil Sharma, he deliberately shakes the plate of food, seeing which the comedian gets nervous.

While sharing the video, Kapil Sharma sharing the video, wrote in the caption – “Oops”. Kapil, who often pulls people up, is being pulled up in this video. Now people’s eyes are less on what is clearly visible in this video, but more on what Kapil Sharma has tried to hide. As soon as this video shoot starts, Kapil Sharma immediately hides some things kept in front of him on the table and removes them. Social media users say that Kapil Sharma has hidden the cigarette box that was placed on the table.

Kapil Sharma

One user has written – “Oh my God, brother, I saw a cigarette in the hand of the sir, did everyone see?” Another has said- “Cigarettes, chicken, meat in Navratri… Bollywood’s air has taken?” One user wrote – “He also saw what was hidden”. Another user said – “Sir, tell me the brand of what you have hidden, today the postmortem of the post will be done”. People are asking him – “Why did Kapil Bhai hide cigarettes?”

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