How To Overcome From Your Pain of Losing The Job During The Crisis; Checkout

By- Richa Goel

Hey, raise your hands if you too had lost the job during COVID-19 and pretending to be fine when it is actually making you depressed… I am also the one who gone through that phase and hence sharing with you my own experience! I had followed all the attributes you need to follow in the organizations like- Dedication, Determination, Hard-Work, Loyalty, and Punctuality; still, I was being terminated without any closure was the worst part. See, moving out of a job was not difficult for me, because life is full of opportunities; it is just that I need to grab that… The difficult part was to understand where I went wrong when I was so dedicated towards my job. Plus, more depressing was the moment to acknowledge that I was a part of dirty politics where my colleagues also trusted that I was wrong, started distancing themselves from me which was disheartening at first, but then I do not want to explain my part to everyone who was hardly interested in listening to me, So, I let that move on. Here, are 8 apt points you need to understand:-

Nothing Is PERMANENT- Do you all know your age limit or how long are you going to exist in this world? When life and death are unpredictable how can you expect too much from your job? But then it’s okay if your job is no more, be thankful you are still there in this world where you can do far better from your past experiences. 

  1. There is NO AGE LIMIT of Exploring new things-

 I was a teacher in one of the reputed skills. One day while doing official work, I observed our Principal mam learning harmonium. I was wondering what’s the need for 55+ lady with such a good post to learn all these things. This is when I realized that there is no age boundation of learning things you loved to do, it is just the determination and courage to do so… No matter how many people will judge you and taunt you, but never stop exploring yourself. At last, It’s Your Own Life. Listen to your heart and follow the way it is leading to. 

  1.  Best time for SELF-observation– 

Busy with your job, have you ever been able to take out time for yourself? The desires you have but were not able to fulfilled due to lack of time, workload, financial crisis, or whatsoever! So, what are you waiting for? Instead of holding the grudges for your lost job, better to search for the various options available so as to fulfill your “adhuri khwaishein”. Trust me there is Never a PERFECT time than today which makes me remember काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब । पल में प्रलय होएगी,बहुरि करेगा कब ॥

  1. Health is a WEALTH– 

2020 is the worst nightmare for everyone but then stay thankful that you are still alive along with your loved ones. Being wealthy with some sort of health issue will always be a pain to you at some point in time. Be like a carefree kid once again… So, invest your time on yourself by doing dance, meditation, yoga, aerobics, exercise, etc. Trust me; if you are healthy, you are the happiest and wealthiest person in the world! A pimple or a small cut on a finger can also make us panic… Then why not stay happy for being fit and fine? Because you are already one of the rich people having good health without relying on any hospital’s bed.

  1. Utilization of resources in the BEST WAY- 

When there is still a great downfall in the economic crisis, don’t cry for your lost job. It is the time when your savings were one of the greatest supports. So, all those who have the habit of spending money for some mere fun, start developing a habit of savings. It is your money and it will help ‘you’ only at the time of crisis. Use your money wisely! Don’t feel shy to say “No” if you consider it spending useless. As it is your die hard earned money and you have the right to access it. Do not get influenced with your peer pressure.

  1. Take the time to HEAL yourself-

It’s okay losing something where you have spent your precious time, proving yourself to be the best asset of the organization without getting any closure; being terminated, is really very hard. When thousand of words will be struck between your mind and mouth and you will not be able to explain to yourself what went wrong on your part is the worst phase. But now, when it happened with you, unfortunately… Take your time to heal your broken heart… Cry as much as you can, shout or fight but do something so that you can overcome that pain soon. Holding it inside you will depress you more. Share your pains with your friends or near one’s. Trust me they will heal you very soon and you may get so many people who too will share their pain with you.

  1.  Do not STOP; Hunt for the job till you do not get the another- 

Do not stop because the previous experience was not great for you. Thousands can let you down giving you empathy but it is up to you how you can stay confident in that worst situation also. I admit that it is not all easy to wear that smiling face and confidence again and go for an interview. But blaming yourself, others, or God won’t either help you. So, don’t give up and many are waiting for the faithful employees like you. It is just that you do not have to lose TRUST and HOPE. It can bring MIRACLES to you.

  1.  Surround yourself with POSITIVITY:-

Thinking again and again where everything went wrong and cursing yourself or blaming others will only make you angry. Okay, think once again. If you will be blessed with your previous job, have you taken the initiative to search the new one? No, because you were too comfortable with it. And this is where we fail to understand that we were not meant to be there forever. God has furthermore better plans for us but we do give up easily. So, Everything happens for a REASON. There is much more for all of us. It was not you who was wrong; it’s their loss who cannot understand your importance! So, yes surround yourself with happy people, watch motivational videos, read good books, and recreate yourself.

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