Meet Dr. Simal Soin, a leading woman entrepreneur who is acing the skincare, beauty and wellness industry

Dr. Simal Soin, Founder – AAYNA Clinic, is one of the key opinion leaders in the country for anti-aging and cosmetic dermatology and has a large patient base from across the globe.

“AAYNA was born out of a dream to create something unique and timeless. It is a space where we create beauty – both outer and inner. The idea was to give people a place where their desire to look their best is met with, at all levels, and from head to toe!” shares Dr. Soin. The clinic aims to provide globally acclaimed treatments and services in a discreet, caring, luxurious but medical environment in which clients feel comfortable when making important decisions about their appearance.

Dr. Simal Soin has made a difference to the way cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics is practiced in India by aligning it with good medicine and thereby differentiating it from the field of cosmetology.

She has brought aesthetic medicine to the highest international standards through a lot of scientific evidence and high safety norms. A lot of time is spent researching the best available technology and treatments and is combined with her deep understanding of cultural and physiological differences, since she treats clients of all nationalities.

Through this she has put together the best FDA approved technology and treatments which are safe and suitable for different skin types; a team of therapists and doctors who are trained to international standards and; clever science which ensures no cutting corners anywhere.

 As a result of this constant focus on innovation and excellence, she has a reputation of delivering superior results to her highly satisfied clientele.  It is no wonder that she has a large following not just in India but all across the world.

Apart from skincare which is her forte, Dr. Simal Soin has developed AAYNA as a centre of excellence which combines cosmetic dermatology, clinical dermatology, weight management, hair loss solutions, a foot clinic with medical pedicures and podiatry, semi-permanent make up, and holistic health and wellness making it a completely integrated practice.

Although cosmetic dermatology and allied fields could well be considered an elective choice, they have been known to improve the quality of life, psychological well-being, social function, and self-esteem of patients.

Dr. Soin finds it extremely gratifying to be able to treat a wide and diverse range of people; ranging from a government clerk with severe pigmentation; an army jawan wanting to get rid of acne scars before his wedding to a CEO who wants to look his best for global meetings; an important politician who is always in the public eye; an actress who wants to look glamorous  and sculpted.

From a housewife with hormonal  melasma; a new mom who wanted stretch mark removal post pregnancy; a young teenager with bad acne which caused low self-esteem; a 28 year old corporate executive with excessively sweaty palms; a 60 year old looking for a non-surgical facelift with zero downtime; a French woman who needed to get rid of the spider veins on her face and legs; to a police officer who needed treatment for corns and callosities on his feet, a 45 year old who wanted to improve her scanty  eyebrows and pigmented lips; a 40 year old public relations expert who wanted to treat the frown on his mid brow with some botox; a 27 year old model who wanted to contour her square face  to a more beautiful oval shape, obese men and women across age-groups in need of fat reduction through non -invasive medical  procedures; a young lady who needed cellulite reduction on her thighs; a young 18 year old girl with hormonal issues who had excessive hair growth on her chin; a young 23 year old man with premature balding in need of effective hair restoration therapy like Platelet rich plasma; a sophisticated 37 year old American lady from Los Angeles, who needed to look well-rested, rejuvenated and youthful and despite access to every conceivable procedure back home, did not want a fake look which  seems to define Hollywood…Dr. Soin treats each of her patients with extreme care and individual focus.

Her expertise in anti-ageing procedures and keen aesthetic eye has not only Indians but clients coming from as far as America, Europe and South America to avail treatments. Her expertise lies in enhancing people’s natural features but without anyone being able to say what procedure or treatment has been done. In fact, today, a significant number of her clients, looking to enhance and improve their features are men.

Dr. Simal Soin has the distinction of being one of the largest filler injectors in the country.  Her USP along with unparalleled skill, is her keen eye for facial anatomy, assessment and aesthetics. She is a master in enhancing the appearance naturally and strongly believes that good aesthetics is about making the client/patient look good, without anyone being able to say anything was ever done!

Beautification according to Dr. Soin is a form of healing. The strength of her choice of treatments lies in the fact that she is a believer in low impact, minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures without any downtime or side effects but with brilliant results nevertheless. Another strength is that each treatment is customized for individual clients, which translates to brilliant results.

Dr. Soin believes that the happy team at AAYNA; whether they are doctors, therapists, managers, administrators or back office staff; takes ownership and pride in delivering their best at all levels and is the reason behind the success of AAYNA. 

AAYNA is now one of the most trusted establishments in the country both for sensible and safe aesthetics and weight loss. It has 3 clinics in India- at Mehrauli, Khan Market and Ludhiana and is looking to expand to more cities in the future.

Dr. Soin says that though she values compliments from all their clients, her favourite compliment came from a client from New York who continues to visit AAYNA each year… “In my 38 years of living in New York, I have not found a clinic which comes even close to you.

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