Organize Your Projects: Merge PDF Files With These Easy Steps

Are you working on research or just organizing your PDF files? Do you need some tools equipped  If so, you need a handy tool to merge all your PDFs online into one file. This method will avoid confusion. It will also prevent your files from being all over the place in your computer documents. When you merge your pdf files, then it is easy to distribute them. You can pull any file from the list of files. You will save time by not having to sort through the different folders. This method will make your workflow easy.

Gogopdf: Organizing Scattered Files Into a Single File

Think about this; scattered files will not only affect your productivity it will also make your computer run slower. When handing out documents is part of your daily life, you need something like Gogopdf to merge pdf free of charge. Gogopdf has added assets, which will be discussed later. Merging your files is also a great way to create a manual. This is handy for trainers who want to have a reference for all their ideas. For example, when you can compile all the documents in your training materials, you can create this into a training manual. 

A training manual can be downloaded into a hard copy for distribution. This is how great merging of pdf files can be to your company. Before the age of computers or the internet, we were all limited to hard copies. These pages can be a pain to carry around. It is worse when you have to organize them and have them photocopied. 

Today, we can combine them all with a click of our fingers. The sand thing is that there are still people who don’t know how to utilize the internet’s full capacity. For example, there are online tools that help you to edit, convert, compress and also teaches you on how to delete pages in PDF. One of them is the online converter tool called Gogopdf. This tool is free, and it can convert your files in any format, including the pdf format. The pdf format is advantageous in the sense that no one can alter it. You can also protect your pdf files by assigning a security lock to them as ‘read-only.’

The Added Value in Gogopdf Pro

The pro version has several added values. It can let you unlimited upload and download capacity. You can be working with multiple tasks, and the pro version will have no problem with big files. For Gogopdf, the reason for this is its reliance on cloud technology. It is the kind of tech that does not rely on your computer RAM or processor to complete the task. Gogopdf is fast. It can process multiple files. With Gogopdf, you only need your browser and internet connection for it to work. Another added value is security. 

Gogopdf encrypts your files preventing hackers from accessing your information. A copy of your tasks remains in the Gogopdf database. These files are encrypted. They are safe inside the cloud because of high levels of security. So you can work with ease knowing that your identity is protected. The pro version can store your files for as long as you want. Consider it as your online file cabinet. This is practical, especially when you are doing future tasks with the same files. There are also situations when your computer quits while in the middle of an important task. 

Having backup copies of all your files can give you peace of mind. Because of its encryption, your files are safe from viruses and malware. When your computer shuts down unexpectedly, then you can retrieve copies of your files online. The free version will delete your files after an hour to protect your privacy. 

Customer Service

This doesn’t happen every day. But, there are cases when your computer can shut down, or your connectivity can get in the way of your work. Issues can happen, and when you are working on a deadline, it will cause a headache. Imagine(without Gogopdf) having to do everything on your own. That is not something you want to go through. It is also problematic when there is a deadline to beat, and you are at a loss as to how to retrieve your files. But, worry no more; having this fantastic tool will help you with your issues. 

Gogopdf Pro Version

The advantage of having the Gogopdf pro is dedicated customer support to help you when things happen to your files. This added value is crucial when working with corporate files, where accuracy and security are paramount. There are times when a glitch can happen so that dedicated customer support can walk you through the process. This makes working using Gogopdf easy. 

Merging PDF Files with Gogopdf

You need to go to the official Gogopdf website to access the tool site. The tool site is at the front. You can select the Merge PDF button. This will open a new window. The new window will allow you to drag and drop your files to the tool page. You can view your files so you can arrange or edit them. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can now merge them. This will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on your internet speed and the bulk of your work. Once your files are combined, then you can download them to your computer.

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, Gogopdf is easy to use. It is lightweight and straightforward. Just ensure that you have a stable Internet connection, and it’s all yours to enjoy. The tool will let you do all sorts of tasks like merging, changing the file format, or even adding a signature or watermark. There is no limit as to what Gogopdf can do for you. When you upgrade to the Pro Version, you get the added benefits of the tool, such as security and customer support. This tool is highly recommended especially for those who are working at home or in a corporate setup.

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