Samiksha Bhatnagar – The New Star in B-town

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Samiksha Bhatnagar – The New Star in B-town

Actress Samiksha Bhatnagar has nurtured the dream of becoming an actress ever since was in school. Thats where she decided to move out of comfort zone to pursue her ambition and Bollywood dream in Mumbai. She landed her first break in a Star Plus TV serial called Veera, where she played a parallel lead. She got a positive response and affection from audience for Uttaran and Jaane kya hoga Rama Re.

She played a cameo in Madhur Bhandarkar’s film, Calendar Girls. At the same time she pursued theater and performed in plays such as Rashomon Blues. She is now all set for her first big movie Poster Boys opposite Bobby Deol. The movie has a powerful comedy and she will be seen playing Bobby Deol’s wife. It’s a laughter riot and full of entertainment and has garnered a lot of attention amongst her fans.

Womansera’s exclusive chat with Poster Boys actress Samiksha Bhatnagar

Tell us something about your journey from television to Bollywood?

So, far it has been an interesting journey but I have had to work hard and seen a lot of ups and downs. I always wanted to do films but TV gave me, my initial fame and has been an important factor in helping me improve as an actor, specially adapt quickly and deliver my performances. No doubt theater has also played a big role in enhancing my skills.

How did ‘Poster boys’ happen?

Poster Boys happened through sheer luck. Sometimes, opportunity strikes when you give it your best and leave the rest to destiny & that’s what happen to me. I gave an audition, it clicked and worked in my favour.

Tell us something about your role in Poster Boys?

I am playing a character called ‘Surajmukhi’, who is a dominating yet lovable wife; opposite Bobby Deol (Master Ji). Our roles have a good mix of humor and husband – wife chemistry. All the scenes are beautifully picturized by ‘Shreyas Sir’.

How was the experience of working with your co-stars Bobby Deol, Sunny Deol and Shreyas Talpade?

We all know Shreyas Talpade as a talented actor, however given his directorial debut, he has been very meticulous throughout. Bobby is a very down to earth person and I never felt that I was working with him for the first time and that feeling of comfort really shows in our on-screen chemistry. As for Sunny Sir, I didn’t get a chance to work with him on set but I met him during the promotions and he is a very humble person.

Have you seen the ‘Poshter Boyz’ in Marathi? Did you get any help for your role?

I purposely didn’t want to see the Marathi version of the movie so as to not get influenced and give a natural performance. Later on, when I did see the movie, it was very hilarious and definitely had an award-winning storyline and performances by the actors.

You have worked with Madhur Bhandarkar and now working with Shreyas Talpade, How was your overall experience?

Working with Madhur Sir during ‘Calendar Girls’ in which I played a substantial cameo role, was a fantastic experience but had a limited range graph. ‘Poster Boys’ was an experience which was very exhilarating, taught me a lot and will remain close to my heart.

It’s a comedy genre, how difficult to shoot? Did you attend any workshop or something else?
To make people laugh is not an easy thing. Audiences should relate to the character effortlessly. I loved doing a comedy. I also got a lot of good feedback from the team on my comedic timing during the scenes. I didn’t attend any workshop or classes, but my theatre experience helped massively. Also, I would like to mention that action and reaction are equally important to make a scene interesting and both Bobby & Shreyas Sir have mastered it to perfection.

What is the state of stand-up comedy in India? How is it being a woman in a field that’s largely associated with men?
The stand-up comedy scene in India has gathered momentum in the past few years, and there are many shows gaining massive popularity and a treat to watch from an audience standpoint. There are not too many women stand-up comedians in India. But the ones who are there, are at the top of their game and setting some really high benchmarks.

Being an outsider, did you feel that nepotism exists in Bollywood?
Nepotism is found in every field and not just limited to Bollywood. I feel one might get a better and bigger platform through connections to launch themselves, but only a talented individual will survive in the long-run. We have great examples of people from outside the industry who have become famous and are loved by audiences because of their talent and not their family roots or friendships.

Are you feeling excited or nervous for the release?
Honestly, I feel a range of emotions passing through me. I am extremely nervous but I’m also excited and eager to see the reaction of audiences to our rib-tickling comedy with a key social message.

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