Shweta Tiwari Blocks Husband Abhinav Kohli On Whatsapp, He Says ‘Wants To Reconcile For My Baby, Shes Not Allowing Me To Meet Him’

Shweta Tiwari seems to have had a hard-luck in love and marriage. Her first marriage to Raja Chowdhury turned out to be a massive failure and her second marriage with Abhinav Kohli seems to have gone kaput too. Last year, Shweta Tiwari filed a case against the husband Abhinav Kohli for speaking ill to her daughter Palak Tiwari. And now, she has moved out of the house and isn’t living with Abhinav anymore. Now the estranged husband has come out to speak about the same on social media.

Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli

Recently, Abhinav Kohli, revealed that ‘they are not separated.’ In his series Insta posts, Abhinav Kohli has been posting pictures with some interesting details about their family. Recenlty, In a conversation with TelllyChakkar, Abhinav Kohli was asked about the motive behind his social media posts. To which he replied, “I want to reconcile with her at least for the sake of our baby. I know a single parent won’t be able to provide the baby with proper atmosphere even he/she tries the level best. The separation will surely affect my baby’s mind which I don’t want at all. It has been a month that I haven’t seen my son’s face. I am longing to see him and hear his voice calling me ‘papa’. Shweta has also blocked me from WhatsApp since a month. I’ve received a lot of hate from people, some of them also called me a person with mental disorder and psychological complications which has affected me a lot. My posts on social media is to give out my side of the story.”

Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli Son

Abhinav further added, “I resorted to social media posts because Shweta has been claiming that we’ve been separated since a long time while in reality I was very much in touch and was taking full responsibility of our son just like any other father would do. Although, I don’t want to do all this, I want to sort out things with her, but with no communication with my son and Shweta has left me with no option other than speaking on social media platforms. During the lockdown period, I acted responsible and refrained from meeting my son as per government’s guidelines, I used to catch up with him via video calls. I was excited for the lockdown to be eased so that I can meet my son, hold his little hands but now Shweta is just not allowing me to meet him and now that she has blocked me on WhatsApp, I’m not able to connect on video calls either.”

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