To Love You or Your Pets? Things to consider before dating an animal lover.

We kiss our dogs

Yes, that’s true. Most people find it highly unhygienic but we do kiss our dogs. Dogs have one of the closest relations and one allows them to lick you as touch is the best form of expressing one’s own emotions.  It just an unsaid rule of the owner that they do kiss their dogs.


Yes we do have to clean their poop

It is very disgusting to clean poop. When you have a dog in your house is like your little baby. You take care of that dog like a mother and tend to clean there poop as well. When they are little pups they do poop inside the house and that time you have no option rather than cleaning it.


We do sleep with them in the same bed

Dogs act as natural bed warmers during the winters. Dog owners are mostly very good at cuddling as they have been practiced by cuddling their dogs every night. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to cuddle and sleep with your dog. You will have to share your bed with your partner’s pets as well. If one is okay sharing the bed with their partner’s pet then only they should go ahead and date an animal lover.


The dog is part of our family

The pet is a part of the family. The pet is equally as important as any other family member. When one’s partner shows special love and care for the pet the coupes bond tends to get stronger and better.


We do get hyper after seeing animals

Take it from the horse’s mouth that yes animal lovers do get really excited after seeing animals. Animal lovers do tend to notice the stunning Labrador walking. We do tend to instantly fall in love with animals and do want to pet most of them.

We do use terms such as “handsome” and “stunning” for dogs

We may at times do use handsome and stunning for animals as we do find them perfectly stunning. We many at times talk to them in weird voices as well out of love and excitement. We create new words while talking to them and they respond with all the love they have.

Dating an animal lover is amazing. It adds a new thrill and experience in one’s life. A person who can love an animal so much definitely knows how to love you.

By M. Chugh