Top 5 Healthiest Vitamins For Women

You have probably heard that beauty starts from within. Therefore, for the longest possible preservation of youth, beauty and health, it is necessary that the diet be balanced and complete, one that would provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and macroelements. Only in this case, you can boast of silky hair, clean healthy skin, strong nails and sparkle in the eyes. It is important to maintain the balance of vitamins in the body through nutrition or supplements such as australian natural care.

Buying a standard vitamin-mineral complex in a pharmacy is not always the right decision, because such preparations, although they contain almost all vitamins and minerals, do not take into account the characteristics of the female body, age and individual need for certain substances. The female body has a complex hormonal “tuning” and at different times the need for certain vitamins and microelements increases. And if a woman leads an active lifestyle and is engaged in strength training, then there may be a need for higher dosages.

The best vitamins for women’s beauty 

1 – Retinol (Vitamin A)

Retinol (Vitamin A) is a valuable vitamin for the beauty of skin, hair and eye health. The first signs of its lack are dandruff, brittle hair, blurred vision, and dry skin. This vitamin maintains the optimal moisture of the mucous membranes and renews them. It promotes the rapid healing of wounds, renews cells, improves collagen synthesis, rejuvenates and makes the skin more elastic. Vitamin A is widely used in cosmetology, it is part of all kinds of peels, creams, serums and anti-ageing products.

Vitamin A is found in foods with a fat and oil base: fish oil, meat, butter and eggs. It is also present in yellow and orange foods as pro-retinol, which is activated when combined with fats. Therefore, it is very useful to use pro-retinol-saturated peppers, pumpkins, and carrots with sour cream or butter. In addition, vitamin A is found in leafy vegetables, tomatoes and beef liver.

2 – Vitamin B

Vitamin B – this includes a whole group of vitamins. These are very important vitamins for the beauty of hair, their deficiency leads to the early appearance of grey hair, dandruff, dry scalp, and poor hair growth. In addition to ensuring the health of the hair, they maintain the level of protein in the cells and give them energy, strengthen and participate in the regeneration of the skin, and support carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

B1 – indispensable for seborrhea and hair loss, it is found in brewer’s yeast, nuts, germinated wheat, seeds, liver, and potatoes.

B2 – with its lack of oily skin around the nose, acne, peeling, sores in the corners of the mouth and hair loss appear. It is present in nuts, milk, eggs, kidneys, liver and tongue.

B3 – stimulates metabolism, which helps to maintain harmony. Its lack leads to the appearance of grey hair, and hair loss. It is found in bran, green vegetables, egg yolk, kidney, unrefined wheat grains, and liver.

B6 – stimulates metabolism. Its deficiency leads to dermatitis, peeling of the skin around the eyes and nose, hair loss and oily seborrhea. It is present in brewer’s yeast, bananas, spinach, soybeans, beans, cereals, bran, whole wheat grains, fish, lean meats, liver, and peppers.

B12 – participates in the production of methionine. The lack of this vitamin leads to pallor or yellowness of the skin, blurred vision, convulsive twitching of the limbs, and dizziness. 

3 – Vitamin C

Vitamin C – ascorbic acid is a natural antioxidant that slows down the ageing process, stimulates the production of collagen, which affects the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and also ensures healthy gums and teeth. With its deficiency, peeling, dryness and pallor of the skin, a rash, punctate skin haemorrhages and cyanosis of the lips appear. Therefore, it is simply an indispensable vitamin for female beauty.

In large quantities, vitamin C is found in rose hips, black currants, kiwi, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, sea buckthorn, walnuts, spinach, asparagus, dill, parsley, zucchini, lettuce, red pepper, green peas, and tomatoes.

4 – Vitamin D

Vitamin D – calciferol can be called a solar elixir. This vitamin takes care of the health of teeth and bones and strengthens nails and hair. Its deficiency can lead to excessive sweating and dermatitis.

Vitamin D is activated when exposed to sunlight. It can be found in marine fish, dairy products, butter, unrefined wheat grains, liver and egg yolk.

5 – Vitamin E

Vitamin E – tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates metabolism, slows down ageing and fights free radicals. Vitamin E is simply necessary for beauty, it is responsible for female attractiveness and sexuality, participating in the production of estrogen. Tocopherol retains moisture in the skin and improves blood circulation in its cells, helps in tissue regeneration, prevents the formation of cancer cells and is of great importance for metabolism. Its deficiency leads to sagging skin, hair loss and brittleness, swelling, premature ageing, and visual impairment. Like vitamin A, it is very often used in cosmetology as an ingredient in various cosmetics.

Vitamin E is found in oil crops – flax, sunflower, and olives. It can also be found in vegetable oil, rose hips, legumes, egg yolk, dairy products, and wheat germ.

Vitamins and age

In different age periods, the need for some vitamins increases, while in others it decreases.

From 20 to 30 years old

This is the most active period in a woman’s life, which requires a constant struggle with stress and maintaining reproductive function. During this period, the intake of B vitamins and vitamin E is especially important.

From 30 to 40 years old

This is the period when the first signs of ageing appear, and they appear both inside and out. At this time, the female body especially needs antioxidant vitamins – C, A, and E.

From 40 to 55 years old

It is worth paying special attention to such vitamins as K and D, as well as additionally taking omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamins and sports: how to choose vitamins for athletes?

Actively training girls should pay attention to sports vitamins since not all pharmacy analogues contain adequate dosages to ensure a good exposure of the body and maintain energy at the proper level. The lack of individual vitamins will affect both the state of health and athletic performance. Avitaminosis is a common cause of decreased motivation and depression.

Sports vitamins, in addition to the main components (vitamins and minerals), contain additional ones – phytoestrogens, extracts (extracts) of fruits and berries, as well as herbs that help maintain women’s health for women who train.

Considering your individual characteristics and the need for individual vitamins, carefully study the composition and give preference only to trusted manufacturers.

Although vitamins are not a cure, be sure to consult a doctor, he will help you choose vitamins based on your individual characteristics and general health.

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