Ways to receive reliable legal advice on divorce while Maintaining confidentiality

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Ways to Receive Reliable Legal Advice on Divorce While Maintaining Confidentiality

Family issues like the disputes between married couples, property related disputes between legal heirs are some concerns which no one would want to open to the public. Moreover, they should not be forced to go through the same just because they have no other option.

Fortunately, in the case of divorce like family disputes, Indian legal system allows complete confidentiality. Thus, you can be doubly assured of confidentiality when your case enters the hearing phase. However, before you can get to that stage, you need to ensure the privacy of such matters without professional help.

Here we discuss the methods you can use to search for a suitable lawyer to guide your petition and maintain your family’s privacy as well.

Traditional Modes

Personal referrals have been traditionally proven and most comfortable method of resolving disputes related to the family. The sources can be classified into the following two categories:

– Referrals through relations
– Referrals through friends

Traditionally, such events have been tackled with the help of family members and relatives. Thanks to our traditionally strong network of relations, almost everything gets tackled by one or the other close or far relative of yours. Thus, family referrals are the most common source of your reliable divorce lawyer as well.

However, there happens to be a catch, unless you are comfortable with it, the spouse duel is out in the open for everyone in such a search. Everyone from close to far relatives will know. Socially, this position may not be a comfortable one for many.

Conclusion? Usually no confidentiality, everything is quite public even before it starts.

Online Search

Internet had been touted as the most powerful tool in the hands of people, offering confidentiality and freedom on a terminal scale in the hands of an individual. There are many ways the internet empowers you even if you have no family background, few connections, and friends.

When you wish to maintain your privacy and still know about the civil laws, your options, similar experiences, divorce lawyers, etc. online is the method best suited for you. Sites like LawRato not only help you get a professional assistance before you enter the legal maze but also help you search for the reliable professional to take up your cause.

The Search Process

The Internet is a vast space, with a multitude of people, content, and information floating around freely and without regulation. In such a place, it is important to be guided by a process and a clear objective in your search for a reliable advocate for divorce.
Finding a Divorce Lawyer Online

The simple process you need to follow is as shown in the figure here. Here are the details:

Reading: This is the first step as you develop an understanding of the various articles and places on the internet. This step is important since reliability is a factor you will need to take care all by

Look for the sources they are referring to in the content. See if the answers or the knowledge provided on the portal matches the other reliable sources such as news portals etc.

You can look for the following in conjunction to arrive at a reliability score:

  • Author Profile: Check for author’s bio at the beginning or the end of the article. You can also google about the author.
  • Who owns the Website?: Use http://www.whois.sc/ to find this out. Just put in the URL, and it gives you all the details.
  • The Purpose of the Website: Does it just want to offer information or does it also sells products; i.e. offers to connect you with the lawyers in the city.
  • Who is the Intended Audience for the Article/Website: Is it meant for public consumption, or for professional use, or both.
  • Does it have a Live Chat or Call Support for Your Queries: Most service providers will allow their customers to connect to them 24×7 through these channels.
  • Last Updated Date: This is important as many amendments keep coming in legal apparatus and you would like to be equipped with the latest info.



Ask & Clarify: In the online channels, you can ask questions and clarify your doubts and not only that, you can verify the answers you get from one channel with the answers from other experts.

When you search for a divorce advocate, this is where you would know the type of case you are going to go through. These are generally:

  • Do you even meet the criteria?
  • Which laws will apply to your kind of marriage?
  • Is it contested by the other party or is it amicable?
  • How much time and cost you should expect to incur?
  • Kind of documents that’ll be needed?
  • What kind of Financial Settlement should you expect?



Set Expectations: Once you are clear with the outcomes you can move to this step. It is here that you need to be most practical. Since no one knows your situation better than you, you are the best person to define the outcome of the legal entanglement.

Remember that lawyers are professionals who are responsible for your interaction with the court and not your emotional state of mind. Thus, practical objectives will help your divorce lawyer to take your case through rather smoothly.

Choose a Lawyer: The last step is to connect with a lawyer to start the legal process. In the online channels, you can also look for the lawyer’s fee before connecting and can also take the help of the support staff in finalising your choice.


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