What Does The Shape of Your Thumb Reveal About Your Personality?

It’s been said that physical features of our body align with our personality traits.As strange as this sounds, our body’s physical parts, specifically our thumbs, can actually tell us a lot about our personality – both good and bad!

Human beings generally have 5 different kinds of thumbs, all varying in shape and size. So, Which Thumb Is Yours and What Does It Say About You?

1. Type A – Upper Half Larger Than The Lower Half

You shoot for the stars! You’re ambitious and are always striving for the best. You’re very goal driven, and your desire to succeed is strong. However, while having goals is great, you can get obsessed with trying to achieve them, and you can have a tendency to overreach.

Tip: As Deepak Chopra says, “Holding onto anything is like holding your breath. You will suffocate.” You’ll perform better if you cut the emotional, psychological and neurological cord between you and what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Type B – Lower Half Larger Than The Upper Half

You are humble and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. You find peace and joy in things that others might find mundane. However, you are often thought to be an over-thinker, and because of your tendency to base your decisions on logic, you are likely to hold yourself back when it comes to falling in love. As a result, you could miss out on some wonderful opportunities to find a potential life partner.

Tip: People who base their decisions on logic, understand that merely ‘loving someone’ is not enough to sustain a relationship. Instead of having that mindset, approach each person or relationship as a chance to enjoy yourself and get to know the other person. Enjoy the journey and don’t take it too seriously.

3. Type C – Both Halves The Same Size

You strive for balance. The Yin and Yang theory drives you! During hardships, you always try to find the best out of things. You achieve your goals by an equal amount of logic and the natural ability to do so. However, you are also a planner and do almost everything in a planned manner. As a result, you tend to overthink on most issues, putting roadblocks in your path.

Tip: Planning can be draining. By letting go of the need to plan everything, you will allow yourself to grow and flourish in more open, exciting, and surprising ways.

4. Type D – Flexible Thumb

You have an open mind. You’re really good at adapting to different situations. You’re a survivor, and when life changes, you change with it. You are open to new information and can adjust your opinions based on new facts. However, if your thumb is too flexible, then it may mean that you are gullible and can quickly be taken advantage of.

Tip: If people don’t know how you feel, they’ll never adjust how they treat you. Being a flexible person is great, but for manipulative types, you’re a target. There is nothing wrong with rolling with the punches, but you need to get vocal about how you feel.

5. Type E – Set Thumbs

You always keep your word and never break promises. You are straightforward, and you are the kind of person that other people can trust. Your loyalty is admirable, and you are confident in your decisions. However, you can be quite stubborn and will not readily accept to change.

Tip: New things aren’t necessarily bad things. No matter how you look at it, changes make our lives better. You can significantly improve your adaptability by learning to think big. Break through the limitations you’ve set for yourself, let go, and expand your horizons.

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