Jennie Surprises Netizens In HBO’s 3rd “The Idol” Trailer With Hints Of Her Potential “Villain” Character

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is set to make her acting debut in ‘The Idol’, and fans can’t wait to see how she does! She’s already had an incredibly successful career as a K-pop idol, solo artist, and fashionista, so there are high expectations for her acting debut. Blinks are curious to see if she can translate her success in other areas to this new venture.

The Weeknd’s sensational new series “The Idol,” which also stars Lily-Rose Depp and him, has a significant role for Jennie in the third teaser. The plot centres on an unconventional romance between the gifted pop artist Jocelyn and an odd cult leader. The Weeknd plays the part of the cult leader, with Lily-Rose portraying Jocelyn.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is featured in a brief but significant part, the specifics of which are currently unknown. Troye Sivan, Dan Levy, Mike Dean, and other great actors are among the show’s many other notable stars. Here are the three times where she was serving:

In the first teaser, Jennie appears to be walking hand-in-hand with Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, as she guides her through a crowd of fans and media. Though it’s unclear whether Jennie’s character will be a friend or rival to Jocelyn, she’s the one in charge throughout the scene.

Later on, we find Jennie in an office setting, perhaps under the direction of The Weeknd’s persona, and she appears to be happy to have joined the company without realizing what the future has in store. Her hands are on her face, and a gleam can be seen in her eyes.

She next reveals herself in the most recent teaser while waiting in an elevator, acting as perhaps the game-changer. All-black attired, with her hair flying in all directions, she appears to have accomplished a new aim and a new flame in her eyes.

Although this isn’t the first time BLACKPINK member Jennie has shown off her acting skills, she played a dynamic and agile character with grace in an ad for TAMBURINS. Fans are thrilled to see the K-pop sensation in her enticing new Hollywood series. The Idol on HBO will debut sometime in 2023, though no exact date has yet been set. Watch the video-

Blinks are prepared to fight tooth and nail to give Jennie their unwavering support if that isn’t already obvious. Not to mention how they’ve been anxiously watching for hints about her part in the show with wide eyes.

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