Aamir Khan Donated Rs 25 Lakh For Assam Flood Victims, CM Himanta Biswa Thanked Him By Tweeting!

Bollywood star Aamir Khan has recently broadened some help for the CM Relief Fund of Assam. Presently the territory of Assam is going through one of the greatest emergencies because of the overwhelming floods this year. More than 21 lakh people have come into a difficult situation because of this flood. In such a circumstance, numerous Indian humanitarians are approaching to help people out there.

With their homes and fields sinking in rising waters, numerous families in Assam have no choice except to take a chance on struggle with natural life in the elephant passage in the Khulahat forest of Nellie. After the appearance of this flood, people are without shelter, and on the other hand, are experiencing the absence of water and food. This disaster has expanded more than at any other time and people living there are also going to be trapped in a financial loss.

CM Himanta tweet

Recently Bollywood actor Aamir Khan approached to help the people of Assam and this has been shared by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on his Twitter account He shared an appreciation note committed to the star with everybody. The CM expressed, “Famous Bollywood actor Aamir Khan stretched out his help to the flood-hit people of our state by making a liberal commitment of Rs 25 lakh to the CM Relief Fund. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their concern and donation.”

Because of enormous rains in Assam, the situation is deteriorating because of floods. Around 42,28,157 lakh people are impacted by the floods. Simultaneously, up to this point, 71 people have lost their lives because of floods. As per the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, 9 people have died in the floods in 24 hours, while 5,137 towns have gone under the grasp of floods.

Staff from the Indian Army, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES), and Assam Police other than volunteers are helping the region organization in rescuing and alleviation tasks.

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