Abhinav Kohli Taunts Estranged Wife Shweta Tiwari; Says ‘She Separated Me And My Son’

Shweta’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has been on a revelation spree. Be it him talking about his marriage to portals to him posting about Shweta or his daughter Palak on his social media account, Abhinav Kohli has been leveling allegations against the actress. During his latest interview with Times Of India, Abhinav revealed that when he went to meet his son on May 15, the actress called the cops and didn’t let him meet their son Reyaansh. He was dragged out of her house.

Now, Abhinav took to Instagram to state that he is missing his son dearly and even blamed Shweta for taking him away. The actor shared a picture of their son and wrote, “I miss you. It’s been 1 month and 23 days since your mummy seperated us. I love you beyond words and surely by God’s grace I will hug you tight very soon.”


Earlier, he told TOI, “I met my son Reyaansh last time on May 15. Shweta let me meet him and at that time she wasn’t scared about the coronavirus. But suddenly she is not letting me meet him (Reyaansh) and is making an excuse that due to COVID-19 she wants to keep Reyaansh away from me. On May 15, you allow me to meet the child and suddenly you are talking about coronavirus.


For two months I myself didn’t try to meet our son for his safety since I was stepping out frequently to buy groceries or other stuff. On May 14th, Shweta made a video call as Reyaansh was crying and wanted to speak to me. Suddenly, when Shweta left the room and shut the door, he yelled very loudly and threw away the iPad, I got scared for him and immediately rushed to meet him. Shweta called the cops and dragged me out of the house. I mean what was my fault, I got worried for my child.”


“During these two months, I stayed in contact with Reyaansh over phone calls and video calls. And when I went to meet him on May 14th, she called the police. I was pleading with the cops to let me meet my baby. I cried for three hours that day at the police station as I just wanted to meet my baby and was feeling helpless. The cops were telling me ‘Arre Kohli sahab aap chup hojaao aap mard hokar kyun ro rahe ho’ (policemen asked me to stop crying). I told them I just want to meet my child, what crime have I done that you have dragged me here.”


“On May 15th, I again went to her house because I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that his father didn’t even try and his mother is so strong and influential that she dragged me out of the house by calling the cops. I played with him. But after that whenever I have tried to meet Reyaansh, she has started making excuses that baby is sleeping. They just shut the door on me. I would shout at the door pyaaru pyaaru but nobody opened the door,” he stated further.

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