After Rhea’s Bail, Her Mother Asks, ‘How Will She Heal From This?’; Shares ‘Rhea’s Father Was On The Verge Of Collapse’

After nearly 30 days of legal custody, Rhea Chakraborty was conceded bail by the Bombay High Court. Rhea and her sibling Showik were arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the medications interface associated with Sushant Singh Rajput demise case. While Rhea was conceded bail, her sibling Showik’s bail was denied. Presently, Rhea’s mom was overwhelmed with feeling when she discovered Rhea was allowed bail. She addressed how Rhea would mend from this, yet said she is a warrior.

Now, in a conversation with the Times Of India, Rhea’s mother Sandhya Chakraborty said, “Rhea’s father was on the verge of collapse yesterday” after Rhea and Showik’s custody had been extended by two weeks. She then questioned, “What she has gone through… how will she heal from this? But she is a fighter and she must be strong.” She also reacted to the ‘slander’ against Rhea, and said that she would have to put Rhea on therapy to help her get over trauma and reclaim her life.

While she said that it is a help that Rhea is out of jail, she said that it is as yet not over as her child is still in guardianship. “It’s crazy it’s still not over. My son is still behind bars and I’m paranoid about what tomorrow will bring,” she said. Sandhya Chakraborty confessed to having self-destructive musings herself and said she was unable to rest while her youngsters were enduring in prison. “My family’s not just been pushed to a corner, it’s been destroyed. At one point I thought the only way to end it was by ending my life,” she said.

She additionally said that after Rhea got back home, she saw her folks and inquired as to why they look pitiful, and that they must be solid and battle this.“But who are we fighting? Someone had to be arrested to satisfy the public, and Rhea paid the price,” said Sandhya Chakraborty.

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