Check Out Four Herbs And Spices That Reduce Risk Of Cancer!

Statistics from the World Health Organization say that in 2018, about 9.6 lakh people died of cancer in the world. Almost millions of people are diagnosed with new cancer every year. But if you make some changes in your daily life, cancer can be kept away. There are some foods that can increase the risk of cancer.

On the other hand, there are some foods that boost the immune system against cancer. Many people may not know that some spices can also prevent cancer.


Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Various studies have shown that this anti-inflammatory property can have a positive effect on cancer prevention. So if you want to avoid cancer, you must keep turmeric in your diet. This spice is also very useful in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Black pepper

Black pepper contains piperine compounds that act as antioxidants in the body. A study published in the ‘Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Journal’ found that black pepper does not allow cancer cells to grow in the breast.


Oregano contains a compound called ‘calvacrol’, which acts as a natural disinfectant and can control the proliferation of cancer cells. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer.


‘Oreganosulphur’ present in garlic helps to increase the immunity of the body. Garlic helps reduce the incidence of tumor-like diseases. According to various studies, there is no substitute for garlic to prevent prostate cancer.

These herbs and spices can be found in your kitchen. You should add them in your daily diet. However, it s advisable to consult a doctor before in-taking anything.

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