Everything Gets Better With A Cup Of Coffee ☕

Even before the alarm and morning sunshine, I wake up with the smell of coffee. The first sip of freshly brewed coffee fills me up with the energy to work ahead my day.

When it comes to drinking coffee everyone has their preferences, some like it strong and some with milk and cream. Some people enjoy their coffee freshly brewed where some have it in an easy-to-go cup. However, we all have a specific up and drinking from a cliff hours period immediately and somehow it always tastes better in it.

Nothing can comfort you more than a warm cup of coffee and your favorite book on a chilly day. From sitting it alone all night at the office or some homely cafe with your friends it can never disappoint you.


Cafes in coffees go so well together you can not resist yourself as you enter a cafe and get engulfed with the aroma of coffee and freshly baked cookies.

Well, it does come with some limitations though. Drinking too much coffee can cause some help problems if you take too much caffeine. It can temporarily raise blood pressure. Excessive drinking of coffee also leads to headaches, difficulty in sleeping, irregular heartbeat nausea, and muscle tension.

But then again it varies from person to person. Some people can drink 6 to 8 cups of coffee in a day and still work fine. It’s up to you to determine if drinking coffee in moderation feels good or if you feel more irritable and anxious even with a small amount. And we all cannot deny coffee is addictive. 

On the brighter side, coffee can improve energy levels and make you feel less tired. Coffee also lowers the risk of developing depression.

The bottom line is if you enjoy your coffee and your body does not seem to protest, don’t hesitate to put a cup or more.

On a side note, a coffee date can never go wrong. A classic casual first date full stop with two cups of coffee and hours of talking can help you to bond. So pick a destination and get ready to have a good time with some coffee. 

A cup or two can always make your day. 

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