Fate of India: Dilemma, Gamble Or Gameplay!

Edits | August, 2021

(1) Aggregate Marking Scheme

When Delhi University announced that it shall take aggregated marks of students to consider their admission in Delhi University colleges it was quite a blow for students who relied on excellence in their board exams. Though the pandemic era has thrown many challenges to the educational world, it was hoped that the university would conduct exams for admissions. Most of the competitive examinations are being held despite the CBSE’s view and the PM’s decision not to hold board exams. What is to become of the career of the students, who’s marksheet would reveal the Covid Era aggregates only. Basis of education in our society and in the present civilisation is to train the youth to gain a good job.

(2) Gamble of Indian Market

Listing of the Zomato IPO at record levels surpassing the market cap of some of the best Indian companies who have been the fortunes of Indian corporate world, comes with a large as to what the future of business will be. A company which is riddled with losses and still making large ones, funded by the Chinese and unknown heads of the company make it hard to phantom what businesses are really valuable. Though it’s a dynamic environment needing change every now and then, to have changes like these is only for the people who play games at the stock markets. Millions of dollars have flown in from China, while we and the government criticizes and bans them for imports, but what about the companies which are Indian and backed completely by the Chinese money- Byju’s, PayTM, Zomato etc.

(3) UP’s Population Policy: A Gameplay

UP government’s proposed policy on population is surely going to become a Hindu Muslim issue since it applies to the entire population of UP. A state which is riddled with inefficiency, mal-administration and corruption at various levels along with regional goondaism, should concentrate more on administration and look at the numbers carefully of the declining growth in birth date. The last time BJP won the state of UP was when demonetisation had just happened. Money with most of the political parties had not just been curtailed but evaporated. At that time, the major contenders BSP and SP left high and dry for any sort of gameplay during the elections. The situation continues till now and it seems that they have not recovered their money power. The pandemic has curtailed their land endeavours, which were largely responsible for party funds. Unless the BJP was to come to terms with the farmers of UP, there is little chance that they will be able to garner votes in the west UP, which are most crucial for winning the UP election.

(4) Fashion during the pandemic.

It’s amazing how the pandemic has fared for Indian fashion industry. This industry was largely dependent upon exports to Europe and the US, who have drastically reduced their orders to India. During the complete lockdown a large chunk of these orders went to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The government further reduced or denied the export benefits under its various schemes for any garment exports. Fashions during the pandemic have changed. Economically as well as structurally. Pyjama parties, called less T-shirts and only functional lingerie are the call of the order. Those great cut suits and formals are not being replenished. Weddings have taken a backseat with the Lehengas coming out of the old drawers. Jewellery expenditure is limited to investments. Bollywood movies don’t showcase anything new since they are not being released. So, one wonders what the pandemic fashion is all about. If it continues for a little more while, with commercial office space being restricted by orders from the national disaster act, the fashions have had that blow and the designers will have to reinvent themselves.

(5) Can you travel?

The first thing that comes in any family’s mind before making plans is to check the RT PCR test availability, applicability and feasibility. Further the burning question does remain, “Even if we are able to get out of the city will we be able to come back.” That question is asked so many times to any travel agent and within the family that the plan goes phatt. Magazines and newspapers no longer issue places of interest and places for the next vacation. Travel industry, hospitality and the associated services sector is on the brink of a disaster. Financially, orally as well as creatively. With the pandemic not getting over any time soon, the caution on travel shall remain for a long time to come and maybe the travel as we used to know if it has ended.

CA Divesh Nath
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