How safe is the Covid vaccine for pregnant women? Government issued new guidelines

The second wave of the corona pandemic is not even over yet that the fear of the third wave intensifies. This deadly virus can catch anyone. That is why the government has asked everyone to get the vaccine. Now pregnant women can also get the corona vaccine. The Union Health Ministry has issued a new guideline for pregnant women on Monday. Let us tell how safe the corona vaccine is for pregnant women.

In the new guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry, the concerns of pregnant women regarding getting the vaccine have been clarified. It has also been clarified that the corona vaccine is completely safe for pregnant women. The vaccine provides protection against corona infection to pregnant women just like other people.
The guidelines advise pregnant women to get vaccinated. The guidelines state that most pregnant women will initially have mild symptoms of infection, but then rapidly worsen their health and may also affect the fetus. It is important that they take all precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19, including vaccination against COVID. Therefore it is advised that pregnant women should get the corona vaccine.


Why should pregnant women get the vaccine?
According to the new guidelines, the symptoms of corona infection in pregnant women are initially minor, but in many cases, it was seen that due to this there is a sudden deterioration in their health and it can also affect the fetus in their womb. That’s why it is important that pregnant women be sure about their safety.


The guidelines cautioned that in more than 95 percent of cases, the health of babies of covid-positive mothers was better at birth, but in some cases, it has been seen that the condition of premature delivery is seen due to covid infection in pregnancy. The weight of such children can be less than 2.5 kg and the life of the child can also be lost before birth i.e. in the womb itself.

Pregnant Woman

These pregnant women are at higher risk of infection
The Union Health Ministry has said that pregnant women who are above 35 years of age, who are also overweight, and who have problems with diabetes or high blood pressure, are at higher risk of covid-19 infection. It has also been said in the guidelines that if a woman has recovered from the grip of covid-19 during pregnancy, then she can wait for a little. But she should get the vaccine immediately after delivery.

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