Imran Khan’s Wife Avantika Hints On Breaking Marriage Through Walking Away Post

All is not okay in the paradise of Imran Khan and Avantika Malik since the past few months. No one had any speculations about trouble in their paradise until the night  Avantika packed her things and moved apart from each other. The couple never complained about anything but now it feels that their 11 years of marriage might be falling apart.

While Imran is keen on avoiding divorce, Avantika is strongly contemplating to file it. As the tension between the couple goes on, Avantika took to her social media to share a message which talks about walking away.

The post Avantika shared, in brief, spoke about walking away to a beautiful space garnering all the left-over energy you have. The post spoke about that one has to realize that even though you could stay, one should make a brave decision of walking away which is the best choice. The post mentioned how it is very much needed to walk away as it the best thing to do for your health and who you are becoming. Read on the post below: