Kangana Ranaut Reveals Getting Secret Calls From Stars Like Akshay Kumar, Can’t Openly Praise Due To Movie Mafia Terror

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie Thalaivi is one of the most awaited films of the year 2021. The trailer of the movie released on Kangana’s birthday. The trailer got a phenomenal response and critical acclaim from fans and critics, even the audience was thrilled after watching Kangana performing the character of the late politician Jayalalithaa. Recently, Kangana took to her Twitter handle to reveal that she got a call from Akshay Kumar and others, praising Thalaivi.

Replying to a tweet praising her work, she wrote: “Bollywood is so hostile that even to praise me can get people in trouble,I have got many secret calls and messages even from big stars like @akshaykumar they praised @Thalaivithefilm trailer to sky but unlike Alia and Deepika films they can’t openly praise it. Movie mafia terror.” Scriptwriter Aniruddha Guha had written: “Kangana Ranaut is an exceptional, once-in-a-generation actor.”


“Wish an industry of art can be objective when it comes to art, and not indulge in power play and politics when it comes to cinema, my political views and spirituality should not make me a target of bullying, harassment and isolation but if they do, then obviously I will win,” she added.


Kangana had recently shared an old throwback video, showing her praising Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt in the past and rued how they never returned the favour. She had said: “There is not a single actress in this industry who I have not supported or praised here is the proof, but non of them ever showed any support or praise for me, have you ever thought why? Why they gang up on me? Why this conspiracy to look through me and my work? Think hard.”

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