Kangana Ranaut Snaps At Paparazzi, Says, ‘Band Kro Ab Roj Aaoge Kya?’

Kangana Ranaut appeared to be not too happy with the shooters’ presence as she arrived at her home. She also asked them to stop the photography.

Kangana Ranaut was spotted snapping at shooters in a new videotape. The actor appeared to be not too happy when she saw the shutterbugs staying for her as she arrived at her home. She also asked them to stop recording. While several social media druggies have criticised the actor for her geste, numerous have defended her too.

The videotape, participated by a photog account on Instagram, started with Kangana getting out of her auto as a security help stood near her. Meanwhile, the shooters called out for the actor saying”Kangana Ji” to get her filmland. Kangana, who was wearing a faceless salwar- suit and dupatta, turned toward the shutterbugs, and said, “Arey abhi har roz aaoge kya? Band karo (Will you come then every day now? Stop this).”

The videotape has been entering a lot of responses from Instagram druggies, numerous of whom dubbed Kangana rude for her gesture. One wrote,”How rude,”while another sarcastically reflected, “She’s so polite.”One reflected, “Isne toh muh par personality kardiya yaar media ko unki bhi kuch izzat hai yaar wo dhup me rehte (she disrespected media on their face, you should admire them, they stay for you in scorching heat).”

Still, numerous of her fans defended the actor and said she has a right to sequestration. One wrote, “You don’t know the whole thing. Paps irritate them a lot they don’t indeed have a private life.”Another reflected, “Woh real and clear woman hai (she is a real and clear woman). we love you.”A third one wrote,” Love you always.”

Lately, Kangana had defended the shooters when help from her security cover started pushing the shutterbugs staying to click her filmland at the Mumbai.”Aap rehne dijiye (You let it be),” she had told the CRPF help as he tried to push the shutterbugs. Kangana was given the Y-plus order of CRPF security by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in 2020.


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