Mika Singh Reveals He Once Get Slapped By His Ex-girlfriend After She Caught Him Cheating With Other Girls

Inside the display, ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’, Mika Singh pointed out his past relationships and shared that his ex-girlfriend had once slapped him. examine directly to realize more!

Mika Singh hits the headlines sometimes either for his professional front or his arguable behaviours. but, without Mika Singh’s dance numbers, no birthday celebration can get started. currently, the singer may be seen in the display, Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti as he is trying to find his bride.

At the same time as speaking to the capacity brides, Mika Singh shared some insights into his non-public lifestyle. speaking about how flirtatious he changed into in his early duration of existence and the way he got slapped by one of all his ex-girlfriends, the popular singer discovered some unknown statistics approximately him. He explained:

“It turned into risky. All my songs have been a hit, I had bodyguards, I had the swag. It occurs that when you are in the regular limelight, you have fans… mainly female fans. I met one such girl… very lovely. I promised her residence, even the idea of children’ names – Sunny, Bunny. I was crazy about her. Now I used to be a flirt… a chunk. smartphone pe thoda bahut chalta tha. I would get such calls and with a few they were excellent. I used to be trying to be smart and stored one among their numbers as ‘Rakesh’. So whenever I used to get calls, I would respond ‘Haan Rakesh bol.’ once she got here over and ‘Rakesh’ stored calling and I wasn’t answering. She stored pestering me that I ought to get hold of the call and that I kept giving excuses. She threatened to select up the decision. I picked up the call and she or he positioned it on the loudspeaker. I was given caught. She gave me a tight slap. For the primary time, I was given slapped and I understood what a girlfriend means.

Similarly occurring, Mika shared that his ex-female friend had even threatened him. He noted that he changed into frightened of her, after which he had started out giving all updates on his existence to her. He added:

She threatened me pronouncing that subsequent time any Rakesh, Ramesh calls, this is simply the beginning. I kept wondering if she slapped me in private, what was going to manifest if she slapped me in front of everyone. I was terrified of her. Then I started informing her about each element of my tours – wherein I’m staying, room number, and every info. She could make me call from the hotel room. She might force me to scream ‘i like you’ to check if different girls are present…”Mika introduced that because of those incidents, he realized the importance of love and publish that, they genuinely had an awesome time as fans.

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