Milind Soman Slams A Troll Who Asked His Wife To Call 53 Years Old Actor ‘Daddy’

Age difference plays a big role in the relationship, especially marriages in the Indian culture. But these stereotypical thoughts seem to be changing now, especially in the Bollywood industry. Not only are we seeing couples with huge age gaps dating, but many have even tied the knot. One of them. Is Milind Soman and Ankita. But they’ve faced a lot of backlash for this step of theirs and trolling and slamming have been directed at them for it.

Milind Soman is 56 years old and his wife is 28 years old which grabbed a lot of unwanted attention. The duo dated each other for 5 years, then decided to tie the knot. The couple keeps their fans updated through their Instagram account with cute lovey-dovey pictures, but they have been the victim of online trolling since a long time. Recently, both Ankita and Milind did an ad campaign together to acknowledge the questions asked by trolls all the time.

In the video, the ex-supermodel can be seen reading the comments made by the trolls. He later responds to each one of them with an epic reply. Netizens were wondering, how are they even together after the age gap? to which Milind replied there’s a huge age difference of 26 years and that’s the age difference between me and my mother. The duo knows how to shut down the negativity.

Milind read another comment where the troll says ‘Ankita should call Milind Papa Ji’. The ex-supermodel before breaking down in a laughter said, she sometimes does.

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