Need Help In Finding Your Ability And Talent? Confused About Career? Read On For Clarity

Different Length Of Head Line

● Long: If the line extends and ends under the small finger, it’s regarded as a long line. If you have such a line, it shows that you have a very clear mind. You are responsive, good at thinking and more considerate than others. At the same time, you are easy to think too much and get into a blind alley.

● Medium: If your headline extends to the ring finger, it is of medium length. Most of the people belong to this kind. You are also smart and brilliant. Sometimes, you even have a higher ability to do things than those with a long headline.

● Short: A small part of the person has a short headline which only extends under the middle finger. If you belong to this kind, you are usually slow to respond, hasty, careless, indecisive and impulsive. However, your advantage is that you could finish the assigned task in a systematic way.

Bending Degrees Of Head Line

● Straight: If your headline is straight, it predicts that you have a strong analytic ability, practical, and dedicated. You were usually a born ideologist and could perform well in mathematics, commerce, science and technology fields.

● Curved: You are gentle, tolerant, realistic and have strong interpersonal skill with a curved headline. In fields like mass media, PR, literature, social sciences, psychology etc. you can show off your talents completely.

● Steep Downward: If you own this kind of line, you are fertile of imagination and have a high creation ability and artistic talent. You are fit to those creative jobs like to be a painter, writer or poet. Also, you are easy to be influenced by emotion. For example, to spend a lot of money when in a bad mood.