Poonam Pandey Promises Fans To Remove Her T-shirt Live On-Camera; Know Reason!

Poonam Pandey, who’s presently seen in the reality show Lock Upp is planning to surprise her suckers in a big way. The Nasha actress in the rearmost occasion was seen publicizing on camera that if her fans save her from this week’s charge distance, she’ll give them a big surprise.

Poonam, who was sitting with Munawar, Anjali, Azma, Ali Merchant and Vinit Kakar told the suckers, “Hello, Hello joh bhi sun raha hai iss charge distance se mujhe bacha lo, I swear to God tum logon ko itna mast surprise, on-camera live doongi from Poonam Pandey and in Poonam Pandey style (Whoever is watching me right now, if you save me from the charge distance this week, I will give you a big surprise on-camera live). Tum log mujhe vote dekar bachao aur phir dekho iss jail mein kya hota hai.”

After hearing this all her convicts were surprised. Still, Azma and Munawar, who were in a fun mood claimed her to tell the observers what surprise she was planning for them. They joked that you should show them a caravan. Vinit Kakar stated that she was just bluffing and will not do anything, Poonam promised that she’ll do what she has promised. Later much probing she admitted that she’ll take off her t-shirt if her suckers save her from nominations. Everyone sitting there went silent after hearing this and Poonam was laughing hard.

Latterly, in the night Vinit revealed to Poonam that she must haven’t noticed but they’ve been musketeers from periods and that he has seen all her vids. The discussion made Poonam colour and Vinit participated their musketeers.

Before in the day, Munawar and Anjali were taking a walk and they were seen agitating against this week’s eviction. The two, who claim to be Poonam Pandey’s thick musketeers were seen agitating that she’ll get evicted from the house. When Munawar asks Anjali, who she feels will be evicted from the show, she participated that she feels this week it’s Poonam’s turn. Munawar also participated that he feels it’ll be Nisha Rawal. He also pulls her leg that how Anjali will not mind if Poonam gets evicted from the show. He further adds that indeed she wants her to go now from the show. He also openly asks her if she’ll be affected by Poonam’s eviction and she tells him that since the last week, it does not count to her if Poonam stays in the game or leaves. Munawar starts smiling and tells Anjali that his conjecture was right about the entire thing.


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