Rakhi Sawant Has This Last Wish From Her Fans Before Going UK To Her Husband

Rakhi Sawant who has always been in news for one or other controversy is back with another one. This time, she secretly got married to an NRI called Ritesh. Since now, Rakhi has just revealed his name. Well, this is not the first time Rakhi is making this type of revelation. She has been into this for a long time. We love it or hate it but she is truly the queen of controversies.

Now, she posted one more video in which she is claiming that she will be going to the UK to live with her husband. And her last wish is that her fans should share her video and make it to number one. In the video, she talked about how she worked in the industry for 12-13 years and entertained everyone. Well, in a good way or in a bad way, she did entertain us. Have a look at her video:


Rakhi Sawant loves to be in news and surprisingly she finds a way to make it to the headlines. After her sudden marriage to a UK based businessman, she Rakhi Sawant has gained a lot of limelight recently owing to her secret marriage with Ritesh. The actress earlier denied all rumours about her marriage but later confirmed to the same. Even though she has confirmed to her wedding news, she hasn’t disclosed any details about her husband Ritesh. Pictures also do not show her husband at all.

Although no one knows her husband or seen him but sometime back, Rakhi shared a post on her Instagram informing her fans about her honeymoon. She said that she is going to UK next week. Have a look at the picture and her comments. She also said that “He’s earning pounds 💷”, “Im coming to uk next week 🙏all my fans”, “Um going 4 my honeymoon but this time alone honeymoon I don’t where my Hasband is oops 😬 he’s busy” and “Do I have fans in London did i”. She concluded, “He’s working so hard omg 😮”.

Such a drama queen she is.