Rangoli Chandel Brutally Slams Taapsee Pannu For Calling Kangana A Hypocrite

Rangoli Chandel seems to have joined Twitter for one single reason, blast every actor/actress or even anyone for that matter, whether in film industry or outside. Not only is the lady behind people who speak ill about her sister Kangana Ranaut, she is also behind all those people who have in the past had bad associations with the actress. Her recent target seems to be Taapsee Pannu and the two seem to have gotten into an ugly fight.

Recently, in an interview with Mid- Day, Taapsee mentioned Kangana’s statement of supporting women and said, “She has always spoken about how a woman should support another woman, but I did not hear any words of praise for my films. There are five women in Mission Mangal. Is she praising us? I am her junior and don’t have a filmography as her, but I have done a decent number of films for someone to be appreciative of it.” These remarks on Kangana Ranaut made her sister furious and Rangoli took to Twitter to call her out in a series of Tweets. One of her Tweets read, “yeh Madam is attacking Kangana everyday,arrey bhai tune kya kiya hai for what we should praise you? 2 mins role in a film lead by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan. Or playing character roles in Big B films or carrying same confused expression through all your film…(contd) @taapsee” while in another she takes a dig at Taapsee and says that the only reason media calls her for is to discuss Kangana. Take a look at the Tweets:


Looks like this feud is not ending anytime soon! Rangoli Chandel often takes to Twitter to slam Bollywood celebrities openly and earlier when Kangana Ranaut was asked about Rangoli’s Twitter reply games, she said that it is her fundamental rights and she can say whatever she wants to.

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