Raveena Tandon Writes An Emotional Post For Her Father; Says, ‘You Were A Part Of Me, I Feel Your Pain’

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon’s father and film director Ravi Tandon passed away on Friday, 11 February 2022. He was 87 years old and had age-related problems. Raveena Tandon completed all the rituals of her father’s funeral and lit him. She gave this information through social media and wrote an emotional post. This is a very difficult time for Raveena, now she has shared a very emotional post about her father.

Raveena with her father

Sharing the post from the Instagram account, Raveena wrote, “I don’t hold you in my arms and hold you close to my heart, still feel these things. When you are sad, I feel your pain, when you are sad I share your tears and when you laugh I feel happy too. Whatever you are, you were once a part of me – your blood, your bones.”

Raveen wrote, “You are part of the dream that I was, that is yet to come. You are the proof that once I am on this earth, you are my legacy to the world, the most precious thing I can give. All are worth nothing when compared with yours. Many miracles will happen in your time. The far corners of the earth will be a moment’s journey, the deepest ocean, the highest mountain, perhaps even the stars within your fingertips, and yet all these wonders will be nothing compared to your miracles.”

She said, “You are the link that connects me to yesterday, the link in a chain that spans from time to time, which never ends. Whatever you will give to your children began with me, and whatever my father gave me and their father after them gave me. Although the memory of man is a temporary thing because his life is a fleeting moment, he has a quality of immortality that is as permanent as the stars.”

Raveen further wrote, “For I am you and you are me, and the man who began with Adam will live to eternity. As I once lived. Once I inhale the air you breathe in and feel the soft earth beneath my feet. Once your passion ran through my veins and your sorrows wept from my eyes. Raveena Tandon wrote for her father that he will always be alive in the hearts of those who remember him.”

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