Sambhavna Seth Took Money To Promote Bigg Boss 13’s, Sidharth Shukla? Here Is The Proof

Sidharth Shukla’s win wasn’t welcomed by a section of people, who thought that he was an undeserving and fixed winner and that the makers have purposely portrayed him as the hero, despite all his wrongdoings. Time and again the makers were questioned for showing Sidharth Shukla in good light and hiding all his mistakes. A Colors TV employee also claimed that Sidharth’s win was prefixed by the makers. Now another acquisition comes in the form of Sambhavna Seth being paid for promoting  Sidharth Shukla.

We have also caught hold of a video where Sambhavna Seth was seen discussing the pay for tweets and PR she would do for Shukla. A Color’s employee by the name of Feriha took to Twitter to share the video. The video was captioned as “This is how Sambhavna & other artists took cash from PR Company to post pro-Siddharth Shukla tweets for image branding. Sid has no “popular support”. PR did its work to deceive the public. @ColorsTV #exposed,”

However, the truth came to light when a fan later showcased the video was from an old sting operation and was edited to serve the purpose now. Sambhavna Seth further retweeted the video and bashed the haters.

Her tweet could be read as, “So @ferysays whoever u r. This is a tight slap on ur face. Without knowing facts u tweeted abt me that i took money to promote @sidharth_shukla .This is one year old video u idiot.U just wanted to malign #SidharthShukla image and people who supported him. #Shame”

Meanwhile, there were other 2-3 other celebrities who were promoting Shukla on their social media on a daily basis ever since BB 13 was premiered. And reports have also surfaced that they too were getting paid for the same.

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