An Easy Way Of Self-Empowering; Amrit Narain On Natural Process Of Life And Its Solution

Human is the only entity capable of participating intentionally in natural creation, and this is possible through individual human being’s deliberate mental activities only- rest all is taking place hundred percent automatically in the universe.”

‘Empower Yourself’ by Amrit Narain is all about ‘Self Empowering’, how every individual human being can accomplish and acquire whatever she\he may desire for one’s future life, material things as well as mental experiences. It talks about what human ‘Free Will’ is about. The book is addressing those people in particular who have never thought of abundance- those who have never realised what financial and physical abundance is all about. How one can create the lives of our wishes. It also explains how nature works with the help of another natural phenomenal process. Our life is the perfect mirror of one’s dominant mental attitude.

This is nature
Understanding the human thoughts and how one can turn them into a physical reality, by observing our thoughts and way of thinking. It tells how every natural thing and being of the physical world is a divine channel, all participating in the game fully automatically except the society of human entity, of which, each individual is always writing her/his own script, with full freedom to adopt any kind of different role for oneself at every stage of one’s earthly life – this is the beauty of the whole game and the beast of the whole thing is that nobody can the rules of the game and everybody has to participate in the game.

Human thoughts create human life situations
How human thoughts work and why they work the way they work. “Human thoughts create human life situations.” Thinking power is the key to creating your reality. Everything we perceive in the physical world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of our thoughts and beliefs. To become the master of one’s destiny, one must learn to control one’s way of thinking. Here you will clearly understand why only good thoughts should be nurtured.

Spiritual Principle of cause and effect
The reason why individuals failed in succeeding while trying to get their wishes fulfilled through their ‘power of thoughts’ or ‘prayers’. There can be reasons for the occurrence of this deficiency and it can cause due to, thought power, prayers, false expectations, lack of knowledge of the natural process of creation. Now acquiring an understanding of the natural process will help individuals in successfully creating their desires. The book suggests that though physical action would not be eliminated but the prime conscious part would be your mental work, as described in the book.

An easy way of self-empowering
Master the ‘Natural Process of Creation and Human Entity’, and harmonize with the simple working of the spiritual principle of cause and effect. You will see the change within and you would also start winning one after the other battle of life. The best part of creation through purposeful mental activities of human beings is that it cannot fail because the process is natural, and the natural process works naturally- always the same for everyone. With the help of purposeful mental efforts, one can achieve greater results. It is not about following dictated belief; it is meant to be understood and be put to practical use in daily life.