Bobby Deol On Nepotism, “I’m An Insider And Still Struggling, My Father Was Also An Outsider”

The nepotism debate in Bollywood is going pretty strong right now. Everyone is starting their own opinion on the matter and this has definitely divided the industry into insiders and outsiders. Now, we have an insider that is talking about the nepotism debate and its none other than Bobby Deol, son of the legendary star Dharmendra.

Bobby Deol, who’s making a comeback with his digital debut with Netflix, Class of ’83, recently reacted to the ongoing nepotism debate. Bobby said, it’s easier for a star kid to get the film but in the end it all depends on their hard work because only the work speak for them. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Bobby said, “I think it exists in every profession, not just movie business. It has been there always. I think it is not the fault of the kids who grew up in a family who were in the same business. They did not choose to be born in the family. Then every parent’s duty is to bring their child up in the right way, educate them and then when a profession they choose, support them. Sometimes, a doctor’s son would want to be a doctor, or his father would want him to be a doctor, similarly, an actor’s son might want to be an actor. I feel struggles and opportunities come equally to everyone.”

Bobby Deol

He further added, “If you are from the movie business, the first movie is easier to get but that doesn’t mean that the one movie would make your career. No. Eventually, it is your work which will speak for you and if you are good, people will want to work with you and that’s how my career was built. I was a Deol when I was launched but then I had my own identity as Bobby. I guess even though I am an insider, I am still struggling. I am not saying it is easier or not easier for insider or outsider, I think it is just that the population is so much and people trying for different profession that is is difficult to get man opportunities. It is also the luck that comes into factor. Not everyone gets a chance to play cricket.”

Bobby concluded the interview while giving advice to the youngsters. He said, “My advice to all youngsters, that it is a difficult profession but don’t give up. Be persistence. Keep trying, stay positive because a person like me who is an insider had to struggle also to get good work. All the major stars in our country are outsiders if you see. My father was an outsider but he made.”

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