Droopy Eyelids: Causes and Treatments

Are you looking for a droopy eyelid treatment?

Worry not! 

These days, there are tons of treatments and remedies available to address those unsightly bags around your eyes. Whether you’re looking for natural remedies or something more intensive, we’ve got the scoop on all the possibilities in our Droopy Eyelids article.

This comprehensive guide will arm you with knowledge about what might be causing these eye bags in the first place as well as how to tackle them so that you can look your best without having to resort to surgery. 

Read on to know more about droopy eyelids causes and treatments. 

What is a Droopy Eyelid

Eyelid drooping is a common condition that affects both men and women of all ages. It occurs when excess skin and tissue start to weigh down the upper eyelid, giving a tired and sometimes sad appearance. 

This can also affect your vision if your eyelid droops low enough to impede your sightline. 

But fear not, there are many ways to treat eyelid drooping, from non-surgical remedies like eye exercises and using specialized eye creams, to more invasive surgical treatments like blepharoplasty.

So, if you are feeling self-conscious about your drooping eyelids, read on to know the causes and treatments.

9 Causes for Baggy Eyelids

While aging is the most common culprit, there are quite a few factors that contribute to those saggy lids. 

From smoking to lack of sleep, thyroid dysfunction and even allergies, there are numerous reasons why your eyelids might be weighing you down. 

But fear not! There are ways to prevent and combat baggy lids, such as hydrating your skin, moisturizing regularly, and applying sunscreen. 

So, before you reach for those shades to hide behind, let’s explore some of the treatment of baggy eyelids and what we can do to keep them at bay.

3 Ways to Address the Bags Naturally

1)  Apply cucumber slices

It turns out that cucumbers aren’t just a tasty addition to your salad, they’re also a powerful tool in the fight against saggy eyelids. 

Thanks to the ascorbic and caffeic acids found in cucumbers, they can reduce inflammation and tighten skin, leaving you looking healthy, smooth, and glowing brighter than ever before. 

Just lay two slices of chilled cucumber over your closed eyes for 20 minutes and let the magic happen. 

It’s a simple, refreshing way to give yourself the rejuvenating boost you deserve.

2)  Eat more grapes

Yes, eat more grapes! Not only are they a tasty snack, but they also contain resveratrol – a natural element that slows down the aging process of our cells. 

By incorporating more grapes into your diet, you’re not only helping your skin stay youthful, but you’re also preventing fine lines and diminishing drooping eyelids. 

And if eating a bowl of grapes, a day doesn’t do the trick, you can always apply grape juice directly to your skin (although be warned it can be quite sticky). 

So go ahead and indulge in this sweet fruit – your peepers will thank you for it!

3)  Use chamomile tea bags

If you suffer from baggy or puffy eyelids, chamomile tea bags may be the natural solution you’ve been searching for. 

Chamomile has natural anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect ingredient to help reduce swelling and sagging around your eyes. 

To benefit from its effects, simply steep two tea bags in hot water and cool them in the refrigerator for 15 to 30 minutes. 

Place them over your eyes for 30 minutes and then relax with your eyes closed for an additional 25 minutes. 

Not only will this routine help to reduce puffiness, but the tea’s anti-inflammatory properties will also help to strengthen the skin around your eyes. Going all-natural has never been easier!

Treatment Options

Baggy eyelids, also known as Ptosis or blepharoptosis, is a frequent problem that many individuals face.

 Often, it is caused by aging, but it can also be a result of a medical condition. If you are experiencing drooping eyelids and it is impacting your vision or self-confidence, there are treatment options available. 

One of the most popular treatments is eyelid lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. 

This procedure is commonly performed to repair sagging or drooping upper eyelids. In less serious cases, the surgery can be done to improve the look of the eyelids. 

However, if someone’s vision is being affected by their drooping eyelids, surgery may be necessary to correct the problem. 

In children with ptosis, surgery is often needed to prevent lazy eyes from developing. If you are concerned about your drooping eyelids and are looking for treatment options, it is essential to speak with a medical professional to determine the best course of action.

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