Great Gifts for Non-Drinkers

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Great Gifts for Non-Drinkers

Some people can be terribly difficult to buy for when it comes to gift buying. And when the recipient of your gift is a non-drinker, it can make things even harder! The bottle of excellent wine or whiskey is often a great get-out clause for present-givers, and well received by most. But for non-drinkers, what, exactly, can you consider buying them as an alternative? We’re going to take a few gift ideas for non-drinkers in this little guide, so read on to find out more – let’s get started right away!

Non-alcoholic Hampers

Who doesn’t love a fabulous hamper, packed full of lovely little treats, drinks, and nick nacks? If you know someone really well, a hamper is an ideal gift, as you can fill it with all these things that people love but can never really justify buying themselves. Under Fine Wraps have some great non-alcoholic hampers on their site, from tea and chocolate gifts through to a fantastic and tasty cheeseboard. If you would like to make your own homemade hamper, they also have an entire section on their site with ideas for what include.


If you do make your own, don’t forget about the drinks, there are some fantastically tasty cordials and natural drinks that make perfect alternatives to alcoholic beverages. And if the recipient of your hamper still likes a kick from their drinks but needs to avoid alcohol, why not think about making some sharp, homemade lemonade or some fiery ginger beer?

A crate of non-alcoholic alternatives

As we mentioned above, just because your non-drinking friends don’t want alcohol, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some fiery tastes. So, why not find them a traditional wine crate from a secondhand store and fill it with some tasty and unusual non-alcoholic drinks? You can buy some unusual flavours these days, as drinks makers are making a lot more effort when it comes to non-drinkers. We’ve already mentioned ginger beer and sharp, cloudy lemonade but there are man other drinks available based on elderflower, cranberry, and even pomegranate. There are the herbal based drinks to consider, too, which have unusually tasty flavours – some even giving you a little kick.

Spa treatments

There are some fantastic spa deals out there that get you plenty of treatments for a lower price than a night out on the town. And the reality is that if your friend is stressed, works hard, or leads an incredibly busy lifestyle, a spa visit can be similar to a little slice of heaven. They will come back relaxed and invigorated after various massages, saunas and steams, and dips in wonderfully warm and bubbly jacuzzis. Neom Organics is always a favourite for treatments, or you can always search for a local spa!

Coffee and chocolates

Everyone has their own vices. And if it isn’t alcohol, perhaps it might be coffee and/or chocolate? There are some amazing coffees out there – even the supermarkets are carrying vast ranges these days. You could also consider getting them a coffee machine or an Espresso maker if they don’t have one yet. Chocolate is another traditional gift, and again there are a lot of different ranges of high-quality, artisanal chocolate makers that are arriving on the scene on an annual basis. There’s no need to go fro the traditional box of Milk Tray or Ferrero Rocher anymore – look for something like Maribelle or fine Belgian chocolates instead.

Mocktail books

Let’s get back to the beverage theme for just another minute. Many non-drinkers miss out on the fantastic cocktails that alcohol fans enjoy – and a large part of that enjoyment is the making and shaking of them. But non-drinkers will have cocktail options – or mocktails, as they are now referred to. They can trade in their Manhattans or Long Island Iced Teas for Vida Loca Margaritas, Scottish Lemonade Whiskey Sours, or even some delicious Sevilla Red Sangria – all non-alcoholic, of course. So, check out the growing range of mocktail books that are on the market these days and see what you can find, one of our favourites is ‘Mocktails: The Complete Bartender’s Guide’.


What about an experience day for your non-drinking friend or loved one? After all, now they are booze-free, they are more likely to remember every minute! Think about the sort of thing they would like to do – skydiving, perhaps, or even just a drive around a racetrack in a top-spec sportscar. Experience days are the perfect option for people that never appear to need anything, so ask around and see what you can find. And don’t forget, even if you choose a day they won’t like, they can also trade it in for something else instead.

Do you have any ideas for gifts to non-drinking friends, relatives, and loved ones? Why not share your knowledge by leaving a comment in the section below?

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