In the midst of a pandemic, when the economy of the whole nation is paralyzed. Amid this pandemic that has carried the entire world to a halt. Our country is going through tough times and in this situation of rapidly spreading Covid-19, our government, doctors, medical staff and police officers are trying hard to cope with the situation. Aakshita Sinha Roy School going 15 years old girl had donated her own savings to feed the feral horses and also provided food for some people @Kolkata during COVID-19.

Akshita, COVID19 Hero

Also during this entire lockdown period (going on till date almost 60 days) she is feeding some birds every day flocking at her window sunshades and balcony and also providing tea/coffee and biscuits(two times a day) for 14 people(each time) every day both going on till date. Her parents think the above done are not much, and one should inculcate these gestures by own rights. We need to respect the identities of one another in order to create good will and mutual trust in these emergency ridden times.

This little girl is one of the many COVID-19 heroes, especially at her age fully supported by her parents. Her effort, till now is being appreciated  and blessed by Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Mr. Shyam Benegal, Ms.Nandita Das,Mr.Pahlaj Nihalani, Mrs. Honey Irani, Ms. Pinaz Masani, Ms. Mallika Sarabhai, Jt. CP @ Kolkata Police, Mr. Bickram Ghosh, Mr. Anjum Rizvi, Ms. Hemlata, Ms. Deepti Bhatnagar, Ms. Rageshwari Sachdev, Ms. Bhagyashree, Ms. Alarmel Velli, Ms. Avneshi Jain, Ms. Natasha Sinha, Ms. Manasi Scott, Ms. Gautami Gadgil, Ms. Pooja Singh, Ms. Aishwarya Majumdar,Ms. Melissa Pais, Ms.Tridha Chaudhuri, Mr. Soumitra Ray… 

She is also an Limca book of records holder, for highest number of animal adoption, donated her own savings amount to feed the feral horses in Kolkata  Zoo Authority had arranged and cooperated and provided food for some people affected in this lockdown(through local Police Station) she took this initiative and simply want people to come forward and help these animals and people who are suffering, not only during all phases of continued lockdown, but even after that a little cooperation and understanding from all of us can help them to live happily. 

Akshita and her family is doing this kind of social activities/community service for quite some time, almost for over 8 years now, starting from her 7 years age…including food packet distribution @flood relief campaign, to donating clothes/bed linens ,books,etc @Sishu Bahavan (Mother Teresa) , celebrating birthdays and sponsoring meals to the Orphanage, Sponsoring education of a girl through an NGO, animal adoption, feeding strays, contributing donations to Pulmawa Army/CRPF fund, to COVID -19 PM Care Fund, United Nations Fund etc. 

Furthermore now she is planning to get involved for recent Amphan(Super Cyclone in Kolkata recently) affected people @south 24 Paraganas and to help them out, may be in distributing food packets and medicines or with contribution to a relief fund.

We are so proud of you. Thanks for going through all the hassle and making them worth it. Congrats and best wishes for a promising future. With high levels of self-inspiration, which is rarely seen in the present world, she deserves a big applause.

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