Playback singer Kanika Kapoor had been recently diagnosed with coronavirus which created a huge controversy in the country. The singer has been held responsible for ignoring the coronavirus advisory, fleeing from the security check and much more. The nation was shocked that despite having coronavirus symptoms the singer chose not to be in self isolation and going on partying and meeting people.

Talking about the same Indeep Bakshi, who teamed up with Kanika for many music videos and was one of the suitors in Shehnaaz Gill’s Mujhse Shaadi Karoge came out in support of the singer and had stated, “When I saw (the news that) Kanika has been tested coronavirus positive. I also saw her post where people had been posting negative comments like kal ki marti aaj mar jae, airport se bhag gayi and all (She should die today, she ran away from the airport). I was really annoyed that people did not wait for the complete truth. How can a person run away from the airport like that?”

He added, “Kanika told me (over message) that it took her two days to get the tests done from the health department when she was told it is just a normal fever and she should only get some rest. She has also talked about it that she went to the hospital on her own. She was appalled to see all those negative comments at a time when she is herself struggling for her own health and safety.”

Further divulging details about the singer running away from the security check he had shared, “She told me even if a small proof does not match, you cannot run away. It is the same with corona screening. You cannot run away if you have tested positive there itself. If she has broken a law, she will be punished, there is no point saying such negative things about a person who is sick. She has a disease, she did not steal anything that you will be after her life.”


Indeep added, “I was locked down in Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and when I came out, I had announced that I am coming back with a new track with Kanika and Malkit paji (Singh). Immediately, the next day I heard about Kanika”.